Friday, 14 September 2018

Lumen Dating App for Over-50s

I've talked about dating before on the blog, looking at it largely from the point of view of dressing for a date. I'm now working with a new dating app for over-50s: Lumen was launched this week and I will be collaborating with them to give advice on matters of style and etiquette for those in the dating game. 

I accepted Lumen's invitation to work with them because of the quality of the team behind the app. I also know others working with them, indeed Rebecca Perkins (pictured below) has written here on the blog (link below).

Lumen is a joint venture from Antoine Argouges, former product manager and Head of Revenue at, Badoo, and Bumble, and renowned dating industry expert Charly Lester. Charly previously worked at the Guardian as their Dating Editor, and is the creator of The Dating Awards – industry awards for the online dating industry which focused on safety, customer service and consumer experience. 

I like sometimes to look at matters other than those relating to style. Furthermore, collaborative arrangements like this help me to allay blog costs while keeping content relevant to the subject of age, a constant theme here on the blog.

Rebecca Perkins (L) who has written about dating here on the blog (link below)

Unlike many brands, Lumen recognises the size and power of the older demographic and this lies at the heart of the launch of a dating app for this age group. Lumen has looked hard at the expectations of older daters and takes great care to verify profiles, which are expected to be detailed and to contain at least three photos. The app encourages meaningful conversations to help the communication process.

The Lumen team

The app has received £3.5 million investment from Andrey Andreev, the dating titan behind Badoo and Bumble. Andrey said “Do a search of the phrase ‘over 50s dating’. The results that come up are embarrassing for the industry. The over-50s have been mistreated by the dating sites for years. I’m excited to see the Lumen team launching an app which finally listens to this audience and specifically targets their issues and needs.’

Lumen is available to users in the UK and can be downloaded now, free of charge, from the App Store and Google Play Store. This feature is part of a collaboration with Lumen. My writing and advice will be appearing regularly on the app.

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