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Advertising, sponsorship and collaborations

Grey Fox Blog features menswear style, fashion and lifestyle for all men. Its main target audience, the man aged forty and over, represents an often-forgotten but large and affluent demographic, but in practice the blog is read by men and women of all ages (see demographics below)
"At £320bn a year, the over-50s now account for around 47% of all UK consumer spending, up from 41% in 2003, according to research from Saga and the Centre for Economic and Business Research" The Guardian, 2015
The blog's content also reflects increasing interest in British-made menswear. I have appeared in the FT's How To Spend It magazine as a leading menswear influencer. For more on the blog's press coverage, see Press.

Blog & Social Media Statistics

Grey Fox Blog attracts up to around 13,000 unique users and up to around 40,000 pageviews monthly (Google Analytics).

Twitter followers: >14,000
Instagram followers: >22,000

I post on the blog approximately 2/3 times a week and several times a day on Instagram and Twitter. I use Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest less frequently.


Blog (source Google Analytics):
55% over 45 years of age
22% 35-44
17% 25-34
  6% 18-24

23% over 45 years of age
25% 35-44
38% 25-34
13% 18-24

Around 1 in 5 blog readers and Instagram followers is female.

Brands worked with

I've worked with the following brands on collaborations, style consultancy, photo shoots, factory visits, sponsored blog posts, social media takeovers, modelling, competitions, promotional events, product reviews etc:

Investec Bank (The Investec Derby) AMG Mercedes, Aston Martin, Marks & Spencer, The Guardian, eBay UK, Specsavers, Mr Porter, Hackett, Loake, Pantherella, Holdall & Co, Penhaligon's, Cheaney, Private White VC, Harvie & Hudson, Hawes & Curtis, Billingham bags, Peregrine, Exclusive Tailoring, Artefact London, Age of Reason, Jacamo, Turnbull & Asser, Johnstons of Elgin, Realm & Empire, D R Harris, Jo Malone, Land Rover, Tusting, House of Fraser, Spoke,, Cravat Club, Scotland Shop, Fraser Knitwear, The Daily Telegraph, Remington, Jigsaw, David Clulow, Hardy Amies, IWC Watches, Mazda, McCann Bespoke, Moss Bros, Dege & Skinner, New & Lingwood, Thomas Pink, Barker, Oliver Peoples, Farlows, Musto, Glenfiddich, The Balvenie, The Crown Estate (St James's), Vulpine, Shackleton, The Park Tower Hotel, Woveninthebone and many others. For more information, see below.

Taking part in Loake's national campaign 2016

Working with you - product reviews, brand features and social media support

I welcome products and brands to feature on the blog and social media. When reviewing products, I give an honest and independent view to my readers, giving you the chance to deal with any concerns before publication. Product reviews and brand features are accepted and written on this express understanding in order to preserve the blog's independence.

Please note that I have to be selective in accepting products and brands to feature to allow me to keep on top of the workload and to preserve the blog's focus. 

Blog costs, both financial and in terms of my time, have been mounting and I ask for a modest charge for being featured here and social media. Exceptions or reductions may be made for start-ups and projects of particular merit and interest.

Contact me here for more information and my Media Pack.

Paid collaborations

I offer photoshoots, collaborations, advertising or sponsored posts (see below). I appreciate that different brands have different budgets; you don't have to be a large business to have your products featured - please ask for my Media Pack (above).

Guest posts

I receive so many unsolicited queries about guests posts that I'm afraid I cannot answer them all: I do not accept guest posts as these are invariably by writers paid by brands to gain access to this blog's following. However, if you are a blog reader who would like to write something for the blog please get in touch; I've welcomed such contributions in the past.


If I am paid for a post I will mention this by describing the post as 'sponsored', 'a collaboration' or some similar formula which makes it clear that I've received payment. Where I've been sent a product for review this will be made clear in the text.

[On 11 March 2016 Google published the following guidelines on paid content which I intend to follow, see Best practices for bloggers reviewing free products they receive from companies.]

Writing commissions, invitations to speak

I accept commissions to write for others, here or elsewhere. I've written articles on style for the 40 plus man, lifestyle, Made in UK menswear in the national press, blogs and websites - see Press above for more information. I also speak about blogging, menswear and the made in Britain movement.

Age of Reason/Grey Fox silk pocket square - made & designed in UK, available for sale here

Here are a few comments by advertisers and brands I work with:

'We had a nice uplift in ... sales when you did your blog. 15.7% of our web hits in Feb were from your blog. If I change the Feb date range to 18th Feb to the end of Feb, then 27% of our web traffic was down to you'.

'Hi David. As requested, performance stats for ... referrals for March so far. Once again the biggest external referral to the site'.

'We are, as ever, incredibly grateful for your recent post, and the high quality traffic that has followed. It makes such a massive difference to a brand at our stage...'

Donating to Grey Fox Blog

After much thought I've decided, at the kind suggestion of a Grey Fox reader, to add a donate button to enable anyone who wishes to contribute to my costs of running the blog - travel, time, purchases all make this a costly, albeit enjoyable but unpaid, occupation.

My principle wish is that you enjoy the blog. I don't want anyone to feel under any obligation to donate; give only if you feel able to do so. All donations will be spent running the blog, researching, travelling, buying products where necessary. 

You may make donations through Paypal. Please pay to and select payment in £sterling to 'friends and family' rather than payment for goods and services. (Note: I have removed the Paypal payment button because it only allowed payment in US dollars).


Independent said...

So glad I found your blog. I am 63, run triathlons, ski, swim and feel like I'm still 20. Your photos are great, some indication of the maker or style name associated with the photos would help.

Eddie B-A said...

Your blog has been a ray of light, I am 49 and had been dressing by default in t-shirts and jeans wanting to change but terrified of going down the beige cardigan route. The blog has given me the direction I was looking for.

Grey Fox said...

What a lovely comment Eddie - it really encourages me - you're clearly at the point I was just two years ago - good luck.


Des Ward said...

I agree, the blog has been an oasis in the arid landscape of teen fashion such as Superdry and Hollister. Even though I'm only entering my forties, this blog shows the fun that we can have with clothes without resorting to fads or feeling old before our time! :)

Grey Fox said...

Thank you Des. I very much appreciate such comments. This is my blog and, apart from some guest posts, is the work of one man. It demands enthusiasm, as it's not a paid job, so such comments fuel the desire to continue.


Ola Muscat said...

Finally a blog that speaks to me, a guy nearing 50.
Splendid job on all accounts.

Aguantando said...

Thanks so much for your much needed blog..

I am 57 years young, gym,ski,fit, living here in Spain and bored to death with trying to find the clothes I like (in any country for that matter). We are,it seems to me,not being catered for. I will follow your blog avidly thanks again...

John Robinson said...

I really enjoy your blog. However the problem I face is that its clearly aimed at "affluent "men of a certain age and unfortunately I do not fall into the former category. Whilst I would love to only source my wardrobe from British Manufacturers, the reality is I can't afford to. I would like a pair of Cheaney brogues for instance, but have to settle for a pair of M&S brogues @£79 etc etc. I have bought tweed jackets from Asos which have achieved a heritage "look"but other followers of your blog would probably think this is beyond the pale! I would appreciate your comments...

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog, however it seems to be aimed at the "affluent" male of a certain age and unfortunately I do not fall into the former category. I would love to source my wardrobe from British manufacturers , but the reality is that I cannot afford to pay the substantial premium that this entails. For example I would like a pair of Cheaney brogues but £350+ is out of my league so I wear a pair of £79 M&S brogues, I wear a pair of £45 Next selvedge jeans, instead of £150+ Edwin's etc. I also buy from Topman and ASOS, to achieve many of the " looks" featured in your blog. I welcome your comments (By the way this in not a criticism of your blog)

Grey Fox said...

John, you make a good point and I'll answer it in full in a blog post in a week or two - keep an eye on the blog.

Thanks for raising this.


Grey Fox said...

John, you make a good point and I'll answer it in full in a blog post in a week or two - keep an eye on the blog.

Thanks for raising this.


Dabbler56 said...

I have also just come across your blog and couldn't agree more. I am 56 and relatively fit being a lecture in forestry and arboricultural I am involved in practicals as well. I have always enjoyed finding my own dress sense. You tend to go through stages and spurts of dress sense. Some of my fashion wear is coming back into fashion 20 years later. So I still have my tweeds an brogues which give me great satisfaction. But of late I feel uncomfortable in braded t shirts and jeans. So I have invested in good inexpensive shirts from C Tyrwhitt and started to build around these. It is nice to find like minded people keep up the good work and look forward to reading more. Andrew

Grey Fox said...

Thank you Dabbler56; your comments are much appreciated. Good luck in your search for style - keep in touch with any ideas or discoveries.


Brian said...

Enjoying reading your blog and working through your older posts, actually it's turning into quite an archive of go to's. I think a lot of the idea of buying British and would love to do more. There is a lot to be said for the economy of scales as your article on British made points out. I'm 41 and have been kitesurfing for 10 years now. The co I get my kit off recently moved their production back from China, to protect IP, build a US factory and give jobs to their local economy . They can develop product and have it tested much quicker than before and have a policy of reinvesting profit back into the business. They sell their kit at market rates, turn a profit and have built a manufacturing business in their own back yard. We must as a whole look to encourage manufacturing back into the UK on all scales. Sorry slightly off track. In any case back on point I gave up following "fashion" a good while back and actually feel sorry for those kids trying to squeeze into those ridiculous ball crushing jeans. Often my budget won't reach to stretch to full RRP so I tend to shop out of season in the sales, use outlet villages or online outlets the john smedley outlet. If your after a Richard James suit and can't afford the saville row version have a look in John Lewis, it'll be half the price and with a few alterations you wont be able to tell the difference, same with Hardy Aimes. Monday I have a prince of wales cheque Austin reed trouser to pick up, down from £175 to £29 and for £5 I'll have them taken up to fit. In a nutshell it's doable just need to keep it simple, put the effort in and try to enjoy the process instead of thinking clothes are a bind. Anyway enough of my ramblings
back to house of cards. Enjoying the blog, keep it up. @BrJNi, regards Brian

Dee Catterall said...

Hello Grey Fox, Dee and Allan here from New Zealand.....oh dear poor little NZ, well we are catching up.....slowly, it's almost 1954 here now !
We discovered your blog and Love it, being where we are has been a challenge, but thank god we are catching up to the rest of the world, returning to beautiful classic styles, Brogues, tweed, suits, blazers and on it goes, while we have lost our hair, but retain our beards, age has become a blessing as we now have a few more style options instead of wearing what 20 something's throw on, we lean towards a more formal style.
Thanks to you and a few great Men like you, awareness is being raised in our neck of the woods and Men are starting to look like men again, a tad rugged, stylish and handsome.

Jamieson Booker said...

Hello from Australia GF,

Thank you Thank you Thank you - you have written my very thoughts right here. I am a fit 53 and I want to maintain an age-appropriate level of sartorial elegance and class. With little guidance available locally your blog is exactly what I needed to see. Thanks again and I shall record my personal makeover (yes I am ashamed to admit I went down the comfortable outdoors clothing route - I am an outdoors guy but trekking pants should not be worn to brunch in the CBD) and put together a blurb over the next few months which I hope you will find entertaining. Until then - don't stop this blog! Regards

Grey Fox said...

Once again, many thanks for all your comments. I really appreciate hearing from you.

Please don't hesitate to e-mail me with thoughts or questions.



reigs said...

Great blog. Any help british men can get in dressing well is welcome as the majority look like they got dressed in the dark. I agree with the earlier comment regarding price as most well made clothes are geared towards those with deep pockets but it is still possible to look good on a budget by always buying classic and not "on trend" items. A good barber is essential too and always splash out on shoes, they will pay you back tenfold.

johncs2012 said...

Hi David,
I would be interested in your views (and Sarah and Victoria's from a female perspective)on male cosmetic enhancements (Botox, dermal fillers and facelifts)

Grey Fox said...

Hello johncs2012, a very interesting question. Would you like to e-mail me and I'll respond that way, possibly with a blog post, but it's hard to deal with as a comment here.

Many thanks for your comment.


James McC said...

Roll on Autumn...

Nigel Hay. Teddington said...

I love the Blog your clothing choices and your opinions interesting and thought provoking.

Just one small caveat, however.

I am 6 feet, 2 inches tall, take size 14 shoes and have a large frame.

Many of your clothing choices are no larger than 38 waist,44 chest and size 11 shoes seem to be the largest featured,

Perhaps you could encourage manufactures to cater for the larger, older man .

I have to buy shoes from Barkers or by mail from the USA and often find that beige or lovatt are the buyer's choice for larger chaps. Time to end this sizeist discrimination?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Evans,

I hope this isn't out of place, but I found a British company yesterday (see link below) selling and, as far as I can gather, making belts from Darlington - including the suede belts I've been after for so long that could solve my First World problem. I'm nothing to do with them and haven't even ordered yet but they seem to be the sort of people of interest to you.

I've enjoyed your blog for a long time and would also like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy and healthy 2017 from Germany.



Danny Berryhill said...

I stumbled upon this most wonderful blog via an interview you did for Gentleman's Gazette. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to have a place for us older men to go and get sartorial advice and ideas. I am 57 and your blog is simply superb! Thank you!

Fergus Gardiner said...

Really enjoyed reading your stuff. very interested in the way that many men a really concerned with the way they look. Brilliant!!
I am 66 and at the uniform end of the spectrum. Always buy Paul Smith, Carhart, John Smedley Edwin jeans, Italian shoes and Church brogues. In Australia their is no need for heavy clothing. So I often wear shorts,any suggestions on a good brand that makes t-shirts with high neck lines. Currently I only see the looser nect fits that expose my hairy neck!!
Many thanks,
Fergus, still a mod at 66!

Boomer said...

I have followed your blog for several years. Like many men my age (58) I find it difficult to find the styles in which I feel comfortable and confident and as you have pointed out many times the industry doesn’t quite know how to deal with us. Work is easy because I wear suits and Oxfords, but the weekends are challenging! We have just lost an excellent independent shop in Winchester that sold an eclectic mix of clothes including brands like Gant, Hartford, RM Williams which are the staples of my wardrobe. Whilst the online retailers will fill the gap, one misses the opportunity to try on lots of things in a shopping session. There are few if any retailers that have carefully curated clothes for geezers like me. Approaching 60, I don’t want to descend into a style wilderness of cavalry twill trousers, Velcro strap shoes and clothes bought from the retailers who advertise in the pages of the telegraph magazine. On the other hand I don’t want to look ridiculous in younger men’s clothes. I do expect to be wearing my Lewis Leathers Cyclone jacket, RMs and all of my other staples for many years to come thanks to your inspiration.

grey fox said...

Hello Boomer. Sadly many brands do market good classic stuff suitable for all ages, but they use teenage models to sell it (OK I exaggerate a little) so they miss out on a large and fairly well-off market, the older man. Look out for classic stuff, keep trying, try the brands I feature and it will come.

Good luck.


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