UK-made Menswear

This list of suppliers of UK-made menswear & accessories below results from my post on The Guardian Fashion Blog, The Exciting Rebirth of British Menswear, which led to many people getting in touch.

Click here to view the list of suppliers of UK-made menswear & accessories.

[Since Google has changed the way spreadsheets are shared on Blogger I can no longer format the list so that it shows directly on this page. My apologies, I will put this right as soon as I can]. 

Age of Reason/Grey Fox scarf available from here in different colours
Made in England

Do e-mail me at greyfoxblog AT gmail DOT com to be included. Products must be genuinely made in the UK. There is no charge, but I'd be grateful if you'd follow Grey Fox Blog on social media: Twitter (where I post updates and additions to this list), Instagram or Pinterest.

I've been asked many times to include suppliers of British-made womenswear, but am reluctant to take on such a huge task. Maybe someone else can?

If you wish to copy the list for commercial purposes, please get in touch first so that I can know who is using it - it is copyright and the product of much hard work. See also the small print below.

© Grey Fox 2015

A few words of caution (the small print) -
  1. This is a list of suppliers of menswear and accessories made in the UK. I haven't defined this term. Is a shoe assembled here from leather and rubber parts made in India any less a UK product than a tailor-made shirt cut and sewn in London from Italian-made cotton fabric? Probably, yes - but I'm not in a position to check that the entire production process takes place in these islands.
  2. I offer no guarantees about the accuracy of the list or of the claims made by suppliers about the origins of their products. Please use this list as a starting point and, if you have particular requirements or queries, check direct with the supplier. 
  3. This is principally a list of suppliers; not manufacturers and/or designers, although some may be.
  4. If you come across any obvious inaccuracies or omissions, please let me know.
© Grey Fox 2014/2015

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