Monday, 12 February 2018

The Search for Style 6: Three Ways to become a Well-Dressed Older Man

Is there a simple route to dressing well? Whether you are an older man or in your twenties or thirties, finding style needn't be complex. You may be following my series 'The Search for Style' here on the blog, but for those of you wanting a quick fix, here's three things you can do to up your style game: 

Keep an eye on The Sartorialist for stylish, well-dressed older men

1. Fit: Make sure things fit. Avoid over-long baggy trousers, jackets too long in the arm and too wide across the shoulder and ties that hang over your waistband. Conversely, take care of skinny, tight fits and too-short jackets ('bumfreezers') which can look as if you've outgrown them.

2. Dress your age: Don't wear stuff because your sons or grandsons do and you think therefore you'll look younger. Wearing a young man's styles emphasises the yawning gap between how old you look and how old you want to look, and that smacks of sad desperation. Some items to use very carefully: baseball caps, artificially faded denim, white leather trainers/sneakers (other than for sport).

3. Wear classics: Go for well-fitting classic clothes and shoes which are clean and well looked after. As you gain experience you can add touches (a chambray shirt, well-fitting raw denim jeans, colourful knitwear) to keep the looks contemporary to avoid simply looking old-fashioned.

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Anonymous said...

Let's not overlook one of the more insidious influences. Just because people are your friends or family doesn't mean they always have the best fashion advice for you? Often, even though you're more bald/gray than anything doesn't stop them from chiming in with "You still look very young for your age!" Or.., "I just don't think of you as an "older person?"

However well intended, it's biased at best and utterly misleading at worst. Great! I'm flattered you think I'm "young looking" but that's by no means to imply at 50 & beyond I'll be able to pull off this look you're imagining for me in your HEAD..? And often without making any specific recommendation, just.., younger..!

Grey Fox isn't wrong here, dashing everything for strict "age appropriate guidelines" can similarly pen you in. But in my opinion, a far better thing than opting for "whatever's hot". Before middle aged men can even venture into "adding a dash of color", best to get the basics down FIRST. Like one of my guitar playing companions is fond to say; "You need to KNOW the rules before you BREAK the rules!"

Anonymous said...

I think men over 50 have to watch patterns, as well as certain colours. Totally agree on the denim, particularly the new looks with the over-styled (gaudy styled) back pockets. Brutal, regardless of age.

"Casual" is where a lot of older gentlemen lose their way. (I might ass certain mainstream "labels" look ridiculous, on men over 50)

grey fox said...

Many thanks all - yes, it's restrained classics until you know what you're doing.


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