Thursday, 22 February 2018

Ocha & Garth: Military Coat Made in London

Ocha & Garth is a small menswear design business making distinctive menswear in Britain which fuses traditional tailoring techniques with very contemporary style. This ability to take a new look at classics has resulted in the Charles Military coat, which I wear here. It clearly has roots in the greatcoats that Guards regiments wear in the winter, with a huge collar and large flapped pockets. A couple of vertical pockets at lower chest height give a warm refuge for the hands on chilly days.

The Charles Military Coat - Harry thinks it should be called after him

Inside is a cotton gingham lining - lovely but slightly incongruous if  you expect something more military. Unlike many modern coats, it's a very generous length - down to the shins. The cloth is from A.W. Hainsworth of Leeds, England, who produce textiles for military and emergency services uniforms and indeed to cover the Woolsack in the House of Lords. Altogether it's a very classic coat with a contemporary, practical twist and perfect for the chilly days of winter and early spring. See Ocha & Garth for more information.

This feature is unsponsored and is written in support of a small menswear brand that makes in the UK and deserves our support. The coat was borrowed for the feature and returned (covered in dog hairs).


Juan Manuel Ballesteros y Allué said...

David... I just don't know what I like the most... pics of the items.. or of Harry!

Keep up the good work!

Zinngavignesh said...

Loved It!!!!!!
Great outfit with cute harry

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