Friday, 5 January 2018

The Search for Style: Coming Soon Here on the Blog

This blog started six years ago to describe my search for style. With this experience under my belt I want this year, as part of my new direction for the blog, to take a personal look into  the elements of style: what it is, how to recognise it and how we can acquire it - does style have any use or purpose? I hope that the discussion will inform all of us as we look for style.

Searching for style: suit Dege & Skinner from cloth made in collaboration with Johnstons of Elgin

Many of you have been in touch to describe your own searches for style. Each of you has different reasons for your search. Some have always been interested in style; others, like me, started late. In my case it was a response to the failure of brands to market themselves properly to older men. Those of us over 50 are responsible for nearly half of consumer spending. We've worked all our lives and tend to be more affluent on average than younger people. Despite this, brands use young models and aim at the young in trying to sell their wares. This approach just doesn't connect with the older man. One of my aims on the blog is to show brands that older men are interested and will buy their products if they want to sell to them.

I'm interested in some of the puzzles around style. How do some older men look stylish wearing clothes that don't fit/are outrageous/very youthful while most of us look terrible in the same outfits? I can't promise answers but I'll give it a go. I'll be grateful for your thoughts, suggestions, questions, answers too. As ever, the blog is nothing without you, its readers here and on Instagram.

Is this style? Pitti Uomo January 2017 (image Grey Fox)

A search for style takes a positive decision to change, to some extent, your wardrobe, life and appearance. You have to feel some passion about this and this means being certain that style brings some benefits. I've found that it does. Not least are positive comments from friends, family and (best of all) women - but style goes beyond mere vanity and embraces confidence, self-respect and respect for others.

I'll also look at the issue of sustainability. A truly stylish man will always consider the environmental impact of his choices and the welfare of those making his clothes. I'm grateful to a reader for reminding me to include this.

Style is more than skin deep. A man needs inspiration in the form of images, blogs, social media and advertising to help him achieve style; he can't do it on his own as it's a deep and complex formula. Let's break down the elements of this formula over the next few weeks. But please... get in touch and let me have your thoughts. My email.

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