Sunday, 5 February 2012

Nigel Cabourn DB tweed jacket - rare classic quality?

I've been looking for a double-breasted blazer or tweed jacket. Here's a Nigel Cabourn 1940s-inspired Harris tweed jacket I'd come across before and admired. Unfortunately it was made in limited numbers and is now out of stock. It would be a bit of an extravagance to own, as I already have a Cabourn Tenzing jacket (reviewed here), but if I could find one in size 48 (38") I'd snap it up - I could just see it worn with my battered jeans, cream roll neck and tan brogues.

The design is so classic, robust and wearable I'm surprised nobody else makes anything quite like this. There are plenty of clone-like pea coats and single-breasted tweed jackets, but the willingness to really explore such classic designs seems to be the preserve of only a few designers like Cabourn. Is that the middle age man in me talking? It may be, because the more I search for a style the more I appreciate classic quality like this.

The search continues - I'd probably sacrifice my Tenzing jacket for it!


Chicatanyage said...

The colour of the patches is very on trend for spring 2012. Classics are always a good investment.

Anonymous said...

The Prince of Wales sometimes wears a double-breasted tweed jacket - and very stylish it looks, too - but I have no doubt that he has his made for him! As an aside, he's not afraid to defy convention, wearing double-breasted jackets unbuttoned, and he's even been seen with brown laces in black shoes!

Grey Fox said...

Thanks, coincidentally, I recently found a photo of him wearing one - I see a subject for a future post! GF