Monday, 3 September 2018

Private White V.C. Launch Pricing Manifesto

It's been too long since I last wrote about Private White V.C. Their Manchester-made products are stylish and offer something a little different to those looking for quality British-made casual. 

Private White V.C.'s The Twin Track and cashmere roll neck AW18

The company recently launched a pricing manifesto. The price of products (and British goods in particular) is an issue about which I often hear from blog readers. I generally reply by raising issues around the ethics and sustainability of the production of very cheap clothing from abroad, but the fact is that each brand needs to explain its own prices. The feeling that some goods are too expensive can be countered by openness from producers, and this is precisely what PWVC are aiming to do here. 

I spoke to James Eden, Founder and C.E.O to find out more about the manifesto:

GF: PWVC has made a few changes recently. Can we start with the new Pricing Manifesto? What is the thinking behind this and how does it work? 

JE: I have written a fairly lengthy LinkedIn article on this which you can find here. But, in brief, the thinking behind this move is due to the huge shifts recently in the way consumers buy and the access to information that many now expect and demand - the marketing strategies of businesses now must change to meet this demand. We are trying to build something sustainable and so we are becoming more progressive in how we do things, we want to distinguish ourselves first and foremost on quality but also on how we inform and empower our consumers compared with our competitors. 

GF: So this isn't about being cheaper, it's about fairness of pricing. How do you see this benefiting everyone on the equation; PWVC, customers and the company's employees?

JE: PWVC benefit because this is our philosophy and it’s the cornerstones of what we stand for – we have nothing to hide so why not be transparent? Customers benefit of course because they can see the investment that goes into what we make and can be sure that they are paying the fair price for a truly quality garment and that price is the price which everyone will pay. Our machinists benefit because this is all about sustainability for the business, it’s about preserving their craftsmanship, their skills and their jobs. 

Private White V.C.'s cashmere topcoat AW18

It means not having constant change and flash sales where the garments they made with all their care and attention got sold for half of what they are worth – it shows we have confidence in and respect for their skills.

GF: You're making changes at the Duke Street store as well, where I see that Kirk Originals; the made in England eyewear label, Chase Distillery; British made gin and tonic company and Avanzato; a barber shop are joining Bennett Winch; who make British made bags and luggage, in your Duke Street store. How do you see PWVC developing its offering over the next few months/years?

JE: The Mayfair store has always been a profitable space for us, however now that we have updated the pricing policy, from a business perspective we have had to rethink the best use of the space and the stock that goes into it. 

There is a tighter, much more focused selection now, and we have also brought in like-minded business other friends who bring in new and exciting activities and also contribute to the operating costs. We will be doing a lot more events there and it will become a great space for people to be - come for a shave, have a drink and celebrate the best of British.

Private White V.C. products are also available online (link below).



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