Monday, 24 September 2018

New & Lingwood AW18

I've worn a lot of New & Lingwood over the last few months. I love their classic styles, spiced with daring touches for the bold and successfully fusing the best of English and Italian tailoring. 

Their newly launched collection for autumn and winter continues the theme of the classically well-dressed gentleman. I have a very clear picture in my head of how the well-dressed gentleman looks. His clothes reflect his personality. They fit with a lived-in perfection that exudes comfort and sophistication. They certainly don’t have the featureless crispness of the sold-by-the-yard high street suit. Their character will show through in soft creases, moulding with perfect fit to the body, following the human form without dictating its shape or style. 

Think of how men dressed in the fifties - as portrayed in films like The Crown and Phantom Thread, both of which inspired this collection. Men looked totally comfortable in their clothes. True, they wore suits or jackets and formal trousers most of the time so they became second nature. 

Nowadays the well-dressed gentleman is helped to feel at ease in even formal clothing by high quality materials and construction methods. A favourite New & Lingwood suit of mine fits me with a casual effortlessness so that I'm fully at home in it. If you feel at ease with your clothes you are well on the road to looking every inch the well-dressed gentleman.

The classic feel to this collection comes from reinterpreting favourites like tweed, pleated trousers, Norfolk jackets, luxury knitwear and silk dressing gowns. High quality materials, cashmere, merino wool, camelhair and baby llama coats, add to the traditional yet very contemporary look. Fine details add to the timelessness - high quality linings, buttons, decorative flourishes.

Everything has, of course, a very English feel to it. This is inevitable for any collection carrying the theme of the well-dressed gentleman. Sartorially-minded men all over the world look to English tastes for inspiration.

As ever, New & Lingwood offer a choice of styles with the new collection. If you want to be bold and British, go for the the tartan suit or the bold overcheck (both pictured above). For more serene moments, wear the quieter pinstripes or tweeds - or you can mix and match with a bold pair of velvet trousers accompanying a traditional check jacket or a monochrome cashmere coat. All can be worn with a wide choice of shirts, gorgeous silk ties and soft knitwear. Colours vary from conventional blues, fawns and greys to bolder reds and brighter shades of green and yellow. Brighten a calmer look with a dash of colour in knitwear or trousers. No longer does a man have an excuse to dress with drab dullness.

Once again New & Lingwood have produced a collection that caters for the well-dressed gentleman who knows himself and wants to dress accordingly.

This feature is a collaboration with New & Lingwood. 

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