Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Ettinger Capra Goat Leather Collection

Ettinger has launched Capra, its first goat leather collection for many decades. In the company's earlier days goatskin, known for its suppleness and durability, was used for various products which are still to be found in the Ettinger archive. The colour range was then limited, but now the Capra Collection comes in chocolate, black, marine blue and white. 

As mentioned in my previous blog feature here, I was in Florence earlier this year to help launch the Capra Collection and the photo above was taken of me with a chocolate Capra portfolio. I've also been using a white Capra card case since that time and found the goat leather to be durable and with a lovely texture to it. The white gives the product a nicely heritage feel, reminiscent of the thirties and forties. All are, of course, very well made at Ettinger's factory in Walsall in the English Midlands (see my previous feature, link above).

Available in a range of accessories, from the folio through wallets and purses to key rings, the Capra Collection can be found at various stockists or online at Ettinger here

This feature is part of a collaboration with Ettinger whose guest I was at Pitti Uomo. I was not paid for this piece.

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