Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Billy Tannery x Crown Northampton Kid Leather Sneakers

I've been following Billy Tannery with interest since its launch last year. Using goat leather, a by-product of the food industry, they've made some beautiful bags, but have now collaborated with British sneaker makers, Crown Northampton, to make footwear. 

Their goat hides are sourced in the UK and are also tanned here, in Billy Tannery's own tannery. The environmentally friendly tanning technique combines traditional knowledge and modern leather technology, using natural ingredients such as vegetable and bark extract. All waste products are biodegradable and composted.

Crown Northampton, established in 1908, is based less than 25 miles from Billy Tannery’s home. Together, the two companies are releasing the limited edition kid leather Overstone Derby sneaker. The style is a Crown Northampton design, made exclusively in Billy Tannery leather in black, navy & chestnut and a choice of white or gum soles.

I've had a close look at a pair and hope to try some out soon. The leather is nicely grained, soft but strong and the insoles well-padded and comfortable. Each is made-to-order, with a pre-order price of £235.00 from  

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