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What do Women Find Attractive in an Older Man? Louise Proddow of Rejuvage Tells Us All

We dress well for many reasons. We may just enjoy good quality clothes, we may find that looking our best helps us in business, boosting confidence and giving an impression of competence and reliability. But one of the greatest pleasures is to be complimented by a woman, whether she be a close friend, stranger or work colleague. 

I recently met Louise Proddow of Rejuvage (link below) and, having discussed this, we decided to write a piece for each other's blogs on what each of us found attractive about the opposite sex in terms of style. Here Louise shares her guide to 'midlife men style turn-ons' as she termed it.  

Louise Proddow writes: 

As a midlife wellness advocate with a deep passion for health and positive ageing, for me, the hallmark of good style comes from a holistic approach. What makes a man stylish and attractive at every age goes beyond simply the clothes they put on in the morning. Style is a mixture of how you look after yourself, what you wear and your attitude. It’s doesn’t matter if you look good in clothes if you hide your body in the beach or in the bedroom, for me its all about balance. 

Style begins on the inside out 

A good diet full of unprocessed foods and regular exercise is not only good for the body, but it is good for style. It gives skin that healthy glow, promotes wellbeing and clothes fit better on toned bodies. The trim and healthy man beats a middle-aged potbelly and ruddy complexion any day. 

Louise (top left) and some of her midlife male turn-ons

Classics with a modern twist 

Some well-cut clothes with a twist shows personality. Mix up investment pieces and quality fabrics with some high street purchases such as a well cut blue or grey suit with a t-shirt and some smart trainers. In hot weather, lightweight tailoring in breathable natural fabrics is a must too. I am also a big fan of the Gareth Southgate waistcoat trend – it’s a great look for holding it all it in too! 

Have a relaxed approach to dressing 

Mix it up your styles - rugged to smooth, something old with something new. A relaxed attitude dressing oozes confidence, which is always attractive. Show a bit ankle with some slip-on shoes and hidden socks or leave your shirt un-tucked - for me, stylish comfort over stuffy formality wins. Avoid buying a completely new outfit, especially on a date as it oozes trying too hard. 

Casual grooming

Over tanned, over hair dyed, over waxed – over grooming is a no go and definitely a turn-off. Having said that, clean is the new dirty; I like a man to smell nice in a Tom Ford kind of way with clean fingernails and hydrated skin. 

The power of individuality

A man with his own personal style and twinkle in eye always attracts my attention. There is no reason to be dull in middle age so let your clothes do the talking. Whether you’re creative and outgoing, a city type or a country gent there are an endless array of looks, colours, fabrics, styles. It’s time to replace those old faded jumpers with some personality. 

Embrace the grey 

It’s the George Clooney effect! Embrace the grey, tap into your inner silver fox. Hair is optional, but if you have it definitely ditch the dye! 

There is an old saying that we become invisible in middle age, that’s not the case for men or women today. Wear whatever you want at any age, make a bit of an effort, but do not over do it. Look after yourself, throw in a few classics like a crisp shirt and clean-cut suit, add a bit of personality and embrace your own style. Look after yourself inside out for ageless style. 

You only have to look on dating websites or walk down the street to see that those with style stand out. Plus if you can make us laugh to then you're on to a winner! 

NOTE: With many thanks to Louise Proddow who curates Rejuvage, a blog about ageing with style and health. You can read my return article, 'In Praise of Older Women', here.


Paul Francis said...

I love this article. As a retiree I was hoping that there would be an upside to ageing. There is! Thank you.

grey fox said...

Thank you Paul. There is indeed!

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