Friday, 31 August 2018

FiftyLife Campaign: Lifetime Lessons

I was recently asked by FiftyLife, who provide insurance cover to over-fifties, to contribute to their Lifetime Lessons Campaign in which they surveyed 2,000 over-fifties about their regrets and ambitions. I found it interesting considering these questions for myself, particularly as it confirmed how important it is to have a motivating focus in life; for me this blog and social media pay an important part, but family comes first.

Questions such as what is the best thing you've achieved in life? and what's been you biggest regret? occur to us at any age, but can be particularly pressing as you get older. They highlight the importance of planning your life with care at any age so that you don't have regrets later.

You can see how I and two other bloggers approached the issues on the FiftyLife website here and scroll down.

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