Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Luxury Watch Repairs

An important element of style is a good mechanical watch. However, watches need servicing regularly if they are to keep good time and be reliable. I recently had one of my favourite watches serviced by Luxury Watch Repairs (link below) in Hatton Garden, London and I was very pleased with the result.

A vintage watch may have a beautiful movement which needs regular servicing

A mechanical watch is a tiny motor with scores of moving parts driven by the kinetic energy stored in a spring which is either wound daily by hand or automatically by a tiny revolving weight which responds to the movement of your wrist. Any moving parts need to be kept clean and lubricated as they wear from the constant movement. It often amazes me how such a tiny mechanical motor can keep such accurate time for so long - but it will only do so if service every few years.

Finding reliable watch repairers isn't easy. Returning a watch to the manufacturers is generally pricy, and they may not be prepared to look at older and vintage watches. An independent repairer like Luxury Watch Repairs will generally be slightly more affordable but you have to be sure that they have access to spare parts for your watch and that they have the expertise to handle it. With any independent, check that they offer a guarantee and will give details of any work needed to the watch after a free initial assessment. LWR offer just such a service. You can order a free pre-paid postage box to send your watch to them for assessment.

I met founder Oliver Pollock, looked around their workshops and chatted to some of the watchmakers who carry out repairs. Oliver started the business to provide high quality servicing - even for older watches that some of the brands now refuse to service. Such are the skills of the watchmakers at LWR that they will make parts for older watches from scratch if they are required to revive a beloved timepiece.

My 15 year old Rolex GMT Master was in dire need of a service and was not in a good state. LWR have returned it to as new condition and it keeps time well within chronometer standards. I would recommend them highly. See Luxury Watch Repairs - full Rolex, Cartier, Breitling and Omega services from £260.

Note: My watch was serviced by LWR. I received no payment for this feature. All views are mine alone.

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