Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Executive Shaving: British-made grooming products

While I don't only talk about British-made products, it's always good to hear about those that are made here. Men's grooming is a growing industry and Executive Shaving make their shaving and other products in the UK where they can.

They sent me a selection of items to try (some pictured above), including a razor which is lathe-turned in Glasgow (the head is German). The shaving cream and balm are made in England, the pre shave oil and soap are made in Scotland, the brush and stand are from India. 

The razor is described as 'medium aggressive' and certainly I found it less so than my usual razor. I'm an experienced double-edged blade user and don't mind risking a few nicks for a close shave. With a more aggressive razor greater concentration and care is needed; although the end-result is superior it is riskier! However, a razor like the 'Braveheart' (pictured below) is ideal for the man who likes to rush his shave in the morning, or for the less experienced and occasional user. A double pass may be needed but the whole experience is less demanding.

Braveheart Safety Razor from Executive Shaving - the handle is lathed in Glasgow

The cream, oils and balms have delicious scents. I'm not a lover of florals but these have a variety of gorgeous soapy, citrussy scents - with the additional benefit of being British-made. I favour using a pre-shave oil as this lays a good foundation for a rich lather and eases the blade over the most stubborn of beards. The products here work well and have become favourites.

The shaving brush has synthetic hair; my preference as I don't like to think of badgers suffering for smooth chin. I find artificial brushes totally effective with the additional advantage that they don't need the careful drying and storage that pure bristle requires. Executive Shaving have a sensibly balanced article on this topic here.

I also had some samples of cologne by Trumpers and other items illustrating the varied selection available online from Executive Shaving.

Links to products sent, more information and prices:

This article was sponsored by Executive Shaving. As ever, all views are mine alone.


Anonymous said...

the handle was TURNED in Glasgow

Anonymous said...

actually, the handle is turned and diamond knurled in Glasgow

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