Sunday, 15 April 2018

The Level Collective: Outdoor Gear and a Discount for Blog Readers

The Level Collective is based in Sheffield, England and sells a well-curated selection of goods with an emphasis on British manufacture. 

Pocket knife made in Sheffield and the Winnats Roll Top Back Pack from The Level Collective

It was founded by Mark Musgrave who recently told me something about the business and some of the products he's created:
"I started The Level Collective 4 years ago now during my lunch breaks and have grown it organically from there, usually just on Instagram. I now run it 2-3 days per week alongside freelance design work to help to pay the bills, but the dream is to be able to run it full time. I am passionate about design and about making things excellently, and in the UK. 
I've recently designed and launched the Winnats Roll Top British-made backpack created from Halley Stevensons waxed cotton from Dundee, British leather hand-cut and embossed in Derbyshire, and our own custom stainless steel buckles laser-cut and polished here in Sheffield.
I designed this backpack from scratch, creating my first prototypes from off cuts of fabric and a humble office stapler, which proved to be pretty useful for rapid prototyping. You can see a short video of my design journey here.
I also just launched our Sheffield-made Pocket Knife which I wrote a short blog post about documenting the process through photography".
The Winnats Roll Top in action

Mark sent me one of the backpacks and a knife to review. Both are beautifully made, the backpack is robust, simple in design and shape, but well thought out and roomy. The knife has an attractive wooden handle (from sustainably obtained oak), keeps its edge well and is ideal for the whittler or the writer or artist for sharpening pencils and other tasks. 

Please support this The Level Collective with its emphasis on quality and British craftsmanship. Mark is offering a discount of 10% on the backpack (£220 instead of £245): simply quote "GREYFOX" at the checkout.

I was loaned the back pack and given the pocket knife for this feature which is unsponsored.

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