Monday, 5 February 2018

Collingwood-Norris: Knitwear Made in Scotland

Collingwood-Norris is a knitwear company based in the Scottish Borders. It was founded in 2016 by Scottish knitwear designer Flora Collingwood-Norris who sent me a few items to look at.

Lismore jumper

All the knitwear is designed and made in her small studio by Flora, using hand powered knitting machines and traditional skills such as hand knitting and crochet. Each item is hand-framed on a machine used by previous textile companies in the Scottish Borders. It is finished and washed by hand to give a beautiful soft feel. The wool is spun and dyed in Scotland and labels made in Glasgow and the UK.

A variety of Collingwood-Norris scarves

The jumper and scarves I saw were beautifully made from lambswool and the traditional and contemporary patterns enhanced by a wide colour palette, from bright colours to soft whites and grey. If you're looking for something slightly different and hand-crafted from a new business making in Britain, visit Collingwood-Norris.

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