Monday, 4 September 2017

Bennett Winch: Top Quality Made in England Bags

I've been trying out a leather and canvas brief case from relative newcomers, Bennett Winch. There are a lot of men's bags and luggage out there, but the skill is finding the good stuff. My experience has been that you seldom go wrong with British-made bags. The skills of manipulating leather and canvas have been around a long time in our country. Recent interest in British-made has revived skills which were getting rarer. 

In the case of Bennett Winch, the best British manufacturing skills have been supplemented by outstanding design. The chocolate brief (I'd buy it just for the name) is made from grain leather (I love seeing the texture of leather) and high quality canvas. The combination of materials makes it lighter than it looks, yet it feels robust and all the brass fittings, zip and clips, are solid and work smoothly. Inside is every sort of pocket and flap you're going to need to carry documents and technology around with you. 

In a competitive market, Bennett Winch have produced a bag which looks different but remains supremely practical. It's become a firm favourite and often accompanies me on my bloggy outings. Best of all, it smells gorgeous, although after a few days you have to press your nose to the leather to really appreciate it (don't do this on the bus or train).

To see and buy the full range of Bennett Winch bags, visit their website.

I was sent the bag for review but have received no compensation for this feature. All views are mine alone.

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