Friday, 11 August 2017

H. N. White Ties: Handmade From Vintage Huddersfield Fabrics

I've shown H. N. White's ties here and on Instagram before, but when my eye was caught by his current collection made from vintage Huddersfield wool cloths I had to mention him again.

H N White ties made from vintage fabrics

I asked Harry White to tell me about his tie-making business (link at end of this feature) and the vintage cloths that had caught my eye:
"I started my tie company around 18 months ago. I wanted to create fully handmade English ties using interesting and unique British fabrics. This is primarily what we sell: some fabric, such as grenadine comes from Italy and our knit ties come from Germany (as there only a couple of places in the world that make knit ties, Britain is not one of them). In the past we've made ties from Irish linen, Fox Bros flannel from Somerset, woven silks from Sussex and the mainstay of our collection which is printed silk from Macclesfield including Adamley.

This particular crop of Huddersfield wool I was lucky enough to chance upon through a contact who had a stockpile of some rather old English woollen fabrics. So they are actually vintage, rather than chosen from current bunches. Most were woven in single width which is around 70cm width which gives a clue to its age. Most modern woollens are woven at 1.4m wide now. I picked what I thought would translate well into a tie - Prince of Wales and gun club [checks] are particularly popular - and of course the weight must be not too heavy so that is also a factor when choosing fabric".
To see more of Harry White's ties click here for his website. 

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Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

All gorgeous! I am very tempted by these.

Best Regards,

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke

Juan Manuel Ballesteros y Allué said...

They are beautiful indeed. Nicely made. And the vintage cloth only adds to their beauty. Thanks for the article, David.

Juan Manuel Ballesteros y Allué said...

Thanks for the article, David. These ties are really beautiful. They have that muted elegance I especially like. And the vintage cloth only adds to their beauty.

What my wallet needed right now...

Anonymous user said...

Quote a bad experience of having paid for a tie that has still not been received 11 days later. The mail received when you pay says the company send a communication when the tie's shipped, that hasn't arrived yet. There is no number to call and the responses requesting feedback are sporadic and. when it catches the founders fancy. Thw order was supposed to have been despatched (per Harry's mail) but no tracking number has been provided. Makes you wonder what the shipping cost's for if it can't be sent by tracked mail? Sadly I still await feedback from the founder and NO I haven't received what i've paid for, and continue to hope he sends it or atleast has the courtesy to return the payment!

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