Monday, 7 August 2017

Glasses Style from Specsavers

I've been working with Specsavers to explore their range of glasses and see how they can be worn and styled. There can be few followers of this blog who don't need glasses; it's one of the inevitable consequences of age. I've worn them since my early twenties and, having tried many opticians over the years, know what to look for. My main requirement is a good choice of frames. Selecting something stylish can be hard and the wider the choice the better. Obviously friendly staff and expert optometrists are essential too, but I also need sound advice on frames selection: what fits your face shape and colouring?

Boss Orange 0251 from Specsavers

I selected a few frames from Specsavers and, to experience the service fully, went through an eye test and fitting - all the glasses I wear here have prescription lenses fitted. I'd chosen the frames from their very comprehensive website which, using your webcam, allows you to virtually try on the frames you like. This is useful, not as good as trying them on in the store, but it realistically allows you to see what shapes and colours will suit you.  

Key West Sun from Specsavers

The choice is huge, although I would have liked to see more clear/transparent acrylic and plastic frames as these suit those with greying hair, giving a very contemporary and stylish look, a comment I've fed back to Specsavers. Throughout the staff were both knowledgeable and helpful and I'd certainly use them again, particularly as many of the frames, particularly their own ranges, are competitively priced.

Buying glasses is as effective as buying stylish clothes in changing how you look and how the world sees you. Different styles can make you look serious, businesslike, artistic, bohemian, studious; whatever you want. The LoveGlasses hub provides a wide range of trends, ideas and inspiration enabling you to select the style of glasses that suits your taste.

Pierre Cardin 02 from Specsavers

Here you'll see how I styled the frames (links to each model are underneath the images). I tend to see metal and dark-coloured frames as more business-like than tortoiseshell-style frames as they give a slightly more formal look to the wearer. This varies so much with the colouring and face shape of the wearer that it's hard to be too prescriptive, but take advice from the staff and see what looks right on you - the more you try the better. Be adventurous and try something different, as I did when I switched from a tortoiseshell to transparent acrylic frames. Don't forget a pair of sunglasses, where looking cool is essential. Go for a classic shape and avoid anything too colourful, unless you want to make a statement!

This was a collaboration with Specsavers. The views expressed are mine alone.

Photography George Gierhart.


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

They all look good on you, but I am most partial to the first pair at the top. I've work glasses since I was nine by the way! Oddly, it has never bothered me. Contact lenses have always seemed like too much bother, and, as you suggest, a stylish pair of glasses can be just as important to one's "look" as the right sports jacket, necktie, or hat.

Best Regards,

Heinz-Ulrich von B.

heresolong said...

I now have American Optical aviator glasses for sunglasses and Tart Arnell reproduction prescription glasses for when I need them. Both much more stylish than what I was wearing.

I also found that the TA glasses made me look much less old. I was wearing the rectangular frame black because they were in style and I didn't think too much about it, but I realized that they made me look quite a bit older. The tortoise TAs are stylish and actually look younger. At 50 I can go ten years either way and I'd rather not look 60 if I can look 40 (ish. Who am I kidding?)

Luis Francis said...

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Anonymous said...

How funny you picked the same styles as me. Very stylish

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