Thursday, 24 August 2017

Chester Barrie AW17

Chester Barrie have revealed a strong autumn/winter collection based on English and Italian cloths and enhancing traditional British tailoring with a more relaxed and lighter approach to style. I was able to experience the quality and cut of their tailoring when I wore one of their evening suits to Glyndebourne recently. 

Quality of construction, fit and materials are the theme. My favourite items were the subtly-tartan unstructured jacket (below) and a Fox Brothers flannel Prince of Wales check suit (above). The black worsted wool dinner suit (pictured below) was an experiment for me, as I wasn't previously a fan of the shawl collar. Having worn it I'm sold; the collar makes the suit different and yet very traditional. Beautifully tailored, it's cut in a contemporary style without being too slim-fitting, making it an investment for years to come. 

Enjoying Glyndebourne and the Chester Barrie 2-piece dinner suit

To see more of the collection visit Chester Barrie here.

This feature is unsponsored. My evening suit was supplied by Chester Barrie

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Ken said...

I have Chester Barrie suits, jackets and trousers that were made in the company's factory in Crewe. The quality is excellent - British cloths, fully canvassed jackets and superb finishing. Since then, following major financial troubles, the company and its brands have suffered to to change of ownership.

Can you tell us where the above garments were made? The Chester by Chester Barrie garments that are stocked in John Lewis (Kingston branch) are not made in the UK, Eastern Europe if my memory is correct. Sadly, the quality is typical of mass market and High Street brands, e.g. machine-made fused jackets.

To succeed, Chester Barrie has return to the quality and value that it offered when its garments were made in Crewe by skilled tailors. Otherwise, it is will remain just another department store brand trading off its Savile Row glory days.

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