Friday, 28 July 2017

Travelling Light for the Summer Holidays

Do you travel on holiday laden down with clothes for all occasions, accessories, toiletries and electronic gear, or are you a pared down traveller who packs everything in a cabin bag, even for that week away? I thought I'd put together a minimalist, lightweight outfit for up to a week or so away in a warm destination.

Here's what I think are the essentials for a few days away: lightweight blazer, cotton or cashmere jumper, cotton or linen long and short sleeve shirts, t-shirts (plain grey, pale blue or white), linen or cotton trousers, deck shoes, espadrilles or loafers (can you get away with one pair of shoes for lightness?), swim shorts, hat (linen cap or rollable panama), shorts, sunglasses, a robust and water resistant watch, wash bag and contents, tech case for phone etc. If you're expecting rain, I'd include a light coat or a brolly.

From top left clockwise: Uniqlo, New & Lingwood, Johnstons of Elgin, Henri Lloyd, Realm & Empire, Dundas London

From top left clockwise: Marks & Spencer, The Rake Online, The Rake Online, Brunello Cucinelli, Drake's, Spoke London

From top left clockwise: Billingham Bags, Tudor, tech case Stow London, Tuscan wash bag Thomas Clipper, Oliver Peoples

And some additional items in case for rain, sun and beach or pool life:

From top left clockwise: light waterproof Gloverall, Orlebar Brown, London Undercover, Christy's Hats, Kempadoo Millar, Hemingsworth

(Note: The colours are for illustration only; I'm not really suggesting you wear a pink shirt with mustard shorts, but by all means try it if you wish, it may look better than it sounds. I have put links to the suppliers rather than the products under each image.)

This post is unsponsored - the choices of products are mine alone.


Beeman said...

The big question is how many of each item. Trousers are a particular problem. I had a lovely pair of white linen trousers. First time on, a local dog came out of a duck pond and leant against me.
The next time, some tomato sauce got spilt on them.
For a week, I usually go with two pairs of trousers in the bag.

Nicholas Bowman-Scargill said...

Great read!

As someone who is currently in Cornwall for a weeks break with only a small Mulberry hold-all with everything I need I totally agree with this all. I'm surviving with one pair of all purpose shoes and flip flops. No jacket required, a cashmere jumper is proving enough for the cooler evenings and odd shower...

Dennis Schoeller said...


I’d love to see more summer/warm weather fashion as I live in a tropical climate in the States. Considering how many wonderful Brits we have visit us here in sunny Florida you may have quite the impact on our local fashion scene!



grey fox said...

Thanks Dennis,

I will be talking more about warm weather styles this year as I'm involved in a couple of projects (mainly tailoring) around summer menswear. I hope also to look at casual styles - but have a dog around the blog searching on words like summer and you will find more.


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