Friday, 14 July 2017

The Investec Derby: Sporting Style in the Sun

My appointment as one of Investec's Style and Fashion Consultants came to glorious culmination when I went to Epsom with my wife as Investec's guests to see the 238th running of this magnificent race. I'd had great fun working with Investec for the last few months during which time I'd selected three British menswear brands to work with (an interesting experience in itself and which taught me much) and made two videos to offer sartorial advice to men attending the Investec Derby. These appear on the Investec Derby website and can be seen here.

If you haven't been to the Investec Derby you should make a point of going next year. As a venue for a sporting and social spectacle you can't beat the Epsom Downs. The gently rolling chalk hill overlooks the whole of London to the north east and the gentle wooded Surrey hills to the south and west. When the sun shines (as it did) the scene comes alive. The bright green ribbon of the track is almost swamped by the tens of thousands who come to enjoy the racing, food, fair and the entertainment. Her Majesty The Queen, resplendent in a yellow outfit, is surrounded by all manner of her subjects, from travellers selling sprigs of lucky heather, to lords in shiny silk tops hats and tails. Young women totter around on high heels and impossible hats, young men look uncomfortable in their tight suits and ties.

And this year the Derby itself was won by 40 to 1 outsider, Wings of Eagles, who lived up to his name, swooping home to the screams of an excited crowd. The investec Derby is an unforgettable day out for anyone. 

I was a guest of Investec. 

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