Saturday, 1 July 2017

Book Review: The Cycling Jersey by Oliver Knight

I've collected vintage cycling jerseys for over twenty five years. An Instagram favourite of mine was (and is) ThreeBackPockets run by Oliver Knight whose superb images of old-time cycle racing and jerseys is well worth following. Some months ago Oliver contacted me to ask to photograph my collection for a book he was writing. That book, The Cycling Jersey: Craftsmanship, Speed & Style, is now published and Oliver is seeking funding on Kickstarter (link below) from today. I hope to persuade you to back him and buy a copy of this superb and important book.

Vintage cycling jerseys represent a fascinating aspect of sports clothing and menswear history. The colours and craftsmanship of cycling wear make them wonderful objects to collect and even wear (with care) whether or not you're a cyclist. The book celebrates not only their history within the context of the sport, but also their design and manufacture. 

Vintage jerseys are often works of art and craftsmanship, with embroidered lettering and vivid colours, the best examples are beautifully made - hand-stitched and robust. Oliver kindly included in the book some of my collection and my thoughts about these lovely objects. As he is self-publishing it's important that he raises his target of €18,000. I know what huge efforts he has out into this book and, given its menswear interest, I'd ask that as many readers as possible support him. Many thanks indeed. See Kickstarter.

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