Thursday, 15 June 2017

Last Minute Grooming Gifts for Father's Day from eBay [Sponsored]

It seems that most of us leave our Father's Day gifts to the last minute but that we plan ahead better when it comes to buying for Mother's Day. eBay have published research that shows that one in six of us buys grooming gifts for fathers and that these are second only to alcohol in popularity. Inspired by men like George Clooney and David Beckham, men are now persuaded that being clean and sweet-smelling can be manly. 

Apparently we also spend slightly less on Dad than on Mum; £25 as opposed to £32. However, father's gifts are more varied than for mother, covering not only grooming but also golfing, sunglasses and alcohol gifts. Mother's gifts are, surprisingly, mainly alcoholic!

eBay's Men's Grooming Hub contains some 230,000 grooming products which include names like L'Oreal and Mo Bro's covering every possible male grooming need. Below are some suggested gifts to try.

Some gifts to try (and others pictured above):

Most grooming gifts are related to shaving and beards, as you can see from the list of most popular gifts on
  1. razor 
  2. aftershave 
  3. beard trimmer 
  4. beard oil 
  5. beard comb 
  6. beard kit 
  7. beard balm 
  8. beard gift set
This post is a collaboration with eBayUK.

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