Thursday, 4 May 2017

Wear to be Seen at The Investec Derby - Videos

The Investec Derby, run on Saturday the 3rd June, with Ladies' Day the day before, is a highlight both of the English sporting and social scenes. Huge crowds are attracted to the superb setting of Epsom Downs Racecourse, with its views over the Surrey hills and towards the City of London, to see the greatest flat racing in the world and to enjoy a very traditional British day out. But what should a man wear if he's going to Epsom Downs to enjoy the racing at The Investec Derby?

A still from one of the Investec Derby videos. I'm wearing Turnbull & Asser

I was delighted to be invited by Investec, sponsors of The Derby, to be one of their Style/Fashion Consultants for the event. The chance to talk about men's style in the context of a great British sporting event and day out was too good to miss. I knew that I wanted to link the heritage of The Investec Derby (first run in 1780) with the traditions of menswear that are so strong that the styles worn by men at the event at the beginning of the last century would be recognisable by a race-goer today.

Unless invited to wear morning dress, visitors to The Investec Derby are asked to 'dress up', with no sportswear or frayed denim. I wanted to advise men on how to dress within the dress code while retaining a link to the heritage I've just mentioned. Investec gave me great latitude to explore this theme in two videos, which are shown here.

I selected three brands to work with during the making of the videos: Turnbull & Asser, Lock & Co Hatmakers and Cad & The Dandy, Savile Row tailors (links below). The videos outline the advice I obtained from these experienced menswear retailers on the dress code and how to select formal and informal styles, accessories and colours for the event. More advice can be found on my page on The Investec Derby website can be reached by clicking here.

This first video explores the ways in which a man might express his personality in dressing up for the Investec Derby, whether he is an extrovert or (like me) more cautious sartorially. 

This second video advises on morning dress, looking at very traditional and also more contemporary versions of this style.

If you are going to The Investec Derby, have a wonderful day and enjoy dressing for the event. I will be out and about with a photographer to record some of the best men's styles on show, so please say hello if you see me.

Turnbull & Asser
Cad & The Dandy
Lock & Co.

This page is part of a collaboration with Investec Bank, sponsors of The Investec Derby.

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