Thursday, 18 May 2017

Here And Now: London Portraits by Niall McDiarmid

I first met photographer Niall McDiarmid in the very early days of the blog when he kindly photographed me in Richmond upon Thames. Niall's unique style of street portraiture captures personality and colour with great skill. For the past few years he has been photographing people on the streets of London (and many other cities and towns in the UK) and a selection of his London work is shown in a striking outdoor display outside The Museum of London from 18th May to 15th October 2017. 

The exhibition is free of charge. The launch night (open to all with no charge) is Friday 19th May 2017 from 7 - 10pm. 

I am privileged and delighted to have a portrait of me in the exhibition. Niall took it on Milford Lane, Aldwych, London in September 2015 (below).

See Museum of London. To further appreciate Niall's work please visit his website or see if you can track down one of his excellent but now (I believe) out-of-print books. I've mentioned his work in the past on the blog here.

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