Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Herring Wasdale Derby Shoe: Veldtschoen Construction

There's no shoe more robust than those made using the veldtschoen method of construction like these Herring Wasdale derbies, made in England. To make them water-resistant and strong the leather upper is turned out and stitched above the welt rather than being wrapped and stitched underneath it. They were once often used by the military and those with have toe caps will, with a bit of spit and polish, carry a gloss fit for a guardsman.

Herring Wasdale derbies and Corgi socks

Harder to find new than they used to be, veldtschoen shoes remain popular and online prices of used pairs are high. Like many of the best things made from leather, they improve in looks with age and wear. Of course, you can buy yours brand new from Herring Shoes and break them in yourself.

Wear your veldtschoen shoes with a tweed jacket, tweed cap, gundog, and a good thick pair of socks like those from Corgi, who make socks in Wales, in the image. See Corgi.

I was sent shoes and socks for review and the feature is sponsored by Herring. All views expressed are mine alone.


Snapper said...

Grey Fox

Hoggs of Fife also do them - Dornoch Shoe

Snapper 12/4/17, 3-45pm

Anonymous said...

They look identical to the Cheaney Cairngorms you wrote about some time ago

Grey Fox said...

Thanks Snapper - I'll take a look - I wonder who makes them.

Thanks also Anon - yes, I believe they are the same.


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