Sunday, 5 March 2017

EDG London: Men's Accessories Designed & Made in the UK

EDG London was founded by artist and designer Natalie O'Hara who uses her abstract artworks to inspire the designs of her ties, pocket squares and cufflinks. Natalie is a proud supporter of British fashion and manufacture. Her products are all made in the UK and are characterised by her use of colour and shape.

She's met and overcome the challenge of scaling down the patterns and vibrant colours to suit the smaller space available on her products, which positively glow with colour, as the image below of some of her ties illustrates.

Below is one of her paintings which was used in the designs of her Piccadilly cufflinks, which are the subject of a promotion at the moment (click here to find out more about the promotion). 

Piccadilly cufflinks

A favourite of mine are the Soho ties, available in French blue and navy (below). But I've only shown here a taster of Natalie's products. I'm pleased to say that I'll shortly be working with Natalie on a photoshoot to show her designs in more detail in a future feature here to the blog. Meanwhile, to find out more and to buy, go to EDGLondon.

This feature is sponsored by EDG London, but all views expressed are mine.

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