Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Caps Made in Yorkshire: Kempadoo Millar Headwear

The flat cap has seen a resurgence over the last few years and Kempadoo Millar has been at the heart of that, with their caps crowning the likes of Idris Elba since they were founded in 2013. And they're British-made in Leeds. Founder Rhian Kempadoo works with Yorkshire mills, such as Abraham Moons, Bateman and Ogden and AW Hainsworth, to create collections from locally sourced cloths and tweeds. Designs are varied, from funky to traditional. 

Cap Kempadoo Millar. Scarf Johnstons of Elgin AW17. Field coat Farlows UK. All made in UK.

I've grown very attached to my parkin (if you don't know what parkin is you're from the south or live outside the UK) cord cap. Fit is perfect, quality of cloth and construction are outstanding. See Kempadoo Millar for their range of caps, off-the-peg or bespoke.

This post is unsponsored. The cap was sent as a gift with no expectation of a review. Views expressed are mine alone. 

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Bradley Owen said...

Another Yorkshire flat cap company to look at is Lawrence & Foster. I recently purchased two of their caps, made to order to my exact size. Very well made and great attention to detail. All the lines on the tweed line up at the seams and the pattern is perfectly centered. Here is a link to a video about the company and their shop:
Lawrence & Foster

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