Saturday, 28 January 2017

Oliver Spencer AW17 video

Since the early days of this blog I've been bemoaning the lack of older models at London Collections:Men; now called London Fashion Week Men's. I find this all a bit dispiriting as the older demographic is both large and affluent and I feel the fashion industry (often in financial straits) is ignoring a lifeline here. Hanging your products off the bony shoulders of twenty year olds (on the catwalk and in advertising) isn't going to find you a wider market with those of us with grey hair.

So, in true grumpy style, the only show I'm going to cover this time is that of Oliver Spencer, who, as usual, included grey hair in his model line-up. Here's the video:

Well done Oliver Spencer. A great show with relaxed shapes, texture and checks for stylish men of all ages. See Oliver Spencer.


Anonymous said...

Not a great fan of Oliver Spencer must admit but his use of older models is refreshing. Pegg and Son an independent clothes shop in Brighton also use grey beards in their look books.They present interesting ideas in casual dressing for those of us over 40. They consequently have my regular custom.

ClaireF said...

Here here about older models! Totally missing a trick. Even in this catwalk show you can see the men are "wearing the clothes" not the other way round which makes the outfits so much more believable and therefore more attractive to buy by the age group that can actudlly afford them

Anonymous said...

The entire reason I've been a loyal reader here is, for a number of years, the only way an older gentlemen ( read anyone Over 30 ) could FIND decent clothes was at THRIFT shops!? The entire fashion industry viewed our demographic as "past Peak Consumption". So even if they DID stumble on the notion we were ample in our cash, they must've just assumed we wouldn't buy anything ANYWAY?

Elizabeth Cline has become an absolute crusader against "fast fashion". Where GAP, Old Navy and all the others cater exclusively to the much vaunted 18-30 crowd. Selling chinsy 'clothes' that fade after the first (3) washings, come complete ( with plastic buttons ) and wind up at charities within a year. These retailers are FLOODING the market w/ sweatshop garbage to the point much of it winds up being, shredded for RAGS. Her book "Overdressed: The shockingly high cost of cheap fashion" provides all the sordid details of an industry gone INSANE. And I'm not even remotely an 'environmentalist'!

Matt D

Anonymous said...

Not all of us older males have grey hair or are balding ! I want to wear well cut fashionable clothes made to accommodate my broader shoulders and non skinny "dad size" figure - not always easy ! Good on Oliver Spencer for at least including older models ! If only Oliver Spencer ( and others) sourced more of their clothing in the U.K. as well.

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