Friday, 5 February 2016

Tailored Tartan Trousers from Stylish ScotlandShop

Tartan became part of my life some weeks ago when ScotlandShop contacted me to offer me a pair of trousers tailored by them in plaid cloth woven in the Scottish borders. To my delight they also asked for a Grey Fox photoshoot to show the versatility of tartan - and here are the results.

Enjoying our ScotlandShop tartan trouser photoshoot

Using their website, I was able to select the style of trouser I wanted: width of cut and details like turn-ups, waist adjusters and belt loops. I wanted a fairly slim cut and this was achieved by specifying the width of the trousers at the bottom hem. Other details such as pocket shape and pleats can be changed simply by asking. This 'nothing is too much trouble' approach is obvious from the start.

The next fun part is selecting your tartan. Being of Welsh descent I was completely free here, not feeling constrained by Scottish ancestry to go for a particular design. Of course, I chose by colour, selecting a dark green and blue plaid called 'Austin Modern'. Finally you pay; a very reasonable price from £145 depending on cut and other details.

The trousers arrived a couple of weeks later and I was immensely impressed. The fabric is superb, soft and crush resistant without being heavy. The cut and fit too are excellent. Overall, superb value and quality for a made-to-measure item with almost infinite variations of choice. 

The next task was to wear them and think about their versatility. As an Anglo-Welshman I see tartan as a formal cloth, worn at Hogmanay as trews or a kilt, but a little thought and experiment shows that we have a fun fabric that can be worn casually or for various levels of formality.... and you certainly don't have to be Scottish to wear plaid. 

With the help of the usual crew, Nick Maroudias, photographer and personal stylist, Sarah Gilfillan of SartoriaLab, we put together a few looks to show how tartan trousers can be worn. Here are the results, let us know what you think - see links below.

I'd like to start a new trend with tartan, but I suspect it's been done already. Tartan is seen at every fashion week and its popularity for men and women is well-established. If you feel bold, you can order not just trousers, but a whole tartan suit. To impress your neighbours go to ScotlandShop and order your trews (or jacket or suit) today.

Other products I'm wearing (from top):

Dark blue tartan jacket from Jigsaw Menswear
Blue cashmere roll neck from Johnstons of Elgin
Black capped derbies from Cheaney
White submariner jumper from Richmond Knitwear
Grey herringbone jacket from Gloverall
Navy blue velvet jacket from Jigsaw Menswear
Pocket square from Deji George
Patent dress shoes from Marks & Spencer
Blue chambray shirt from TriplStitched x Grey Fox collaboration
Plum cable-knit cashmere jumper from Johnstons of Elgin
Brogues with Herdwyck tweed from Cheaney x Cherchbi
Blue double-breasted blazer, bespoke from Susannah Hall, tailors
Blue striped shirt from Milton Green
Navy grain leather/suede brogues from Marcus De

This feature was sponsored by ScotlandShop.


Snapper said...

Grey Fox

Quite a colourful and fun looking article -thanks for publishing.

For me tartan trousers would possibly be the thing for a party or similar but not for daily wear. Different I guess if I lived north of the border.

I'm not a lover of tight trouser legs and always have my trousers made with bottoms two thirds the length of my shoe. I have had several pairs made with daks adjusters but don't find they work well on me. Have always included braces buttons (internally) but of late have commissioned belt loops as well so that in summer when removing my coat I don't have a pair of Albert Thurstons on display. Isn't it great that we can all have our own take and styles on what are essentially similar classic clothes.

As your piece shows Scotland Shop has quite a range of items and prices are very reasonable.

Your choice of the blue and green tartan I think is the best in their range but possibly that blue jumper and darker blue coat is not the best combination I have seen you put together. Grey Fox that is just a throw away comment which I hope you will take in the spirit of "...our own take and styles...".

All told another enlightening and fun article from you.

Best regards,

Grey Fox said...

Many thanks again Snapper. I'm going to try buttons for braces on my next pair of trousers and see how that goes. Generally I've used side adjusters in the past. I'm not a great love of belt loops on a suit but that's a personal preference and I'm not against it on dogmatic grounds.

I quite liked the different blues of jacket and roll neck, but maybe it looks better in the flesh where texture is more evident as well. The jacket is a Jigsaw one with a very faint tartan check.


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