Friday, 9 October 2015

Millican bags - Mark the Field Bag, for rural & urban explorers

Sometimes an explorer needs a bag more accessible and less bulky than a rucksack. Botanists, searching the wilderness for exotic plants, would use a shoulder-hung specimen bag. This would carry everything from plant cuttings, to camera, notebooks and sandwiches and be easier to get into than a back-mounted pack. Millican, the Lake District-based company, have taken an old concept and brought it up to date with their Mark the Field Bag which sits alongside a wide and interesting collection of bags, sacks and accessories. 

Jeans, Quantock Menswear and Shetland jumper, Leith Clothing. Both Made in UK.

I was after a bag of this type for my explorations in Cumbria and for walking Harry, whose dog treats and lead fit alongside my camera, water bottle and whatever interesting objects we find on our wanderings. At my request, Millican generously sent me one of their limited edition (50 only) field bags to try. The smart grey is stylishly set off by a rich orange lining (a favourite colour combination of mine and one used on this blog). Beautifully made, the 33cm wide canvas bag contains many pockets and has cunning leather straps with poppers which allow easy one-handed opening and closing.

And I've used the bag in the city too. It carries a laptop, camera and notebooks with ease and its wide canvas shoulder strap makes it comfortable to carry. But somehow I feel its heart is in the country, worn by the intrepid naturalist. Now; where's my butterfly net?

See Millican's website for more information and to buy. The limited edition Mark the Field bag is hereIn its non-limited edition guise, Mark the Field Bag also comes in various other rustic colours.


Nick said...

Looks like a great bag GF. Shame that it comes in "cms" rather than in good ole English inches, chains and furlongs. Now then, where's my converter?

Matthew Pike said...

I do like the fact they name their products after their friends.

Buckets & Spades

Matteo Wang said...

Great article. sorry off topic but i would like to know the colour of that shetland jumper?

Grey Fox said...

Chocolate brown, Matteo.

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