Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Rise of the Men's Fashion Blogger - Fashionbeans

I'm grateful to Marcus Jaye for including Grey Fox in his article on The Rise of the Men's Fashion Blogger on the renowned men's style blog, Fashionbeans. Marcus is a longstanding blogger and his TheChicGeek is now a classic and influential menswear blog. On the basis of his considerable experience, he makes the point that it is focus and passion that keep successful blogs afloat. As he points out, bloggers are exposed; without the layers of editors that professional journalists have to check and correct their content, it is a challenge to remain respected and authoritative.

The article looks at what he describes as "a few of the most visible players currently in the menswear blogosphere". Of course, I'm delighted that Grey Fox Blog is there, particularly as it appears with many professional blogs, which earn their owners a living. Grey Fox, as an amateur blog, is not on that league, so it's gratifying to appear in such company.

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What bloggers do you follow and like? please comment below on your recommended blogging reads.


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Very interesting reading! Besides your own Grey Fox blog, I routinely read An Affordable Wardrobe, Broke and Bespoke, Ivy Style, A Suitable Wardrobe, Put This On, and the Luciano Barbera Virtual Magazine blog. And of course there is my own Average Guy's Guide to Classic Style, which takes a very broad approach to style and discusses much else besides clothing and accessories.

Best Regards,

Heinz-Ulrich von B.

Laurence said...

Besides Grey Fox...

Broke & Bespoke. One of the first I discovered and still look in there regularly. Making it okay to wear jeans with a jacket and tie.

An Affordable Wardrobe.

The Shoe Snob Blog.

Mensflair. Not sure why I still look there. it's gone a bit downhill and most of the contributors have disappeared.

I also check Shaun Gordon's Tumblr regularly, and am on AAAC several times a day.

Matthew Pike said...

you get about sir!

i must admit I follow a lot of american blogs, lots of design and lifestyle based.

Buckets & Spades

The Silver Blade said...

Well deserved mention for your good self. I'm also a big fan of Well Dressed Dad both for his quality content and humorous delivery.

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