Saturday, 19 April 2014

Cobalt blue and orange - putting sizzle into spring and summer

I've mentioned cobalt blue and orange before - but separately. Both have been seen more frequently over the last year or two. But how about putting the two colours together?

Deji George

Orange and bright blue work well together, as can be seen from the pocket square above from the interesting new brand, Deji George (about whom more here) . At opposite ends of the colour wheel, hot and cool, they positively crackle and pop when next to each other. Here's a selection to put sizzle into your spring and summer.

If you have any favourite orange/cobalt blue in your wardrobe or collection, let me know - I'm happy to do a follow-up post. Hmm... how about a bright blue blazer with orange chinos?


Lyle & Scott

British Boxers - OK, they're worn underneath, but why not go the whole hog?


Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer

Lyle & Scott

London Sock Co

Deji George pocket squares
Hackett lightweight mac


andywatson said...

Where's the Holdsworth Pro!?

Grey Fox said...

Yes - nice bikes.


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