Tuesday, 11 February 2014

White Hot hair care - for your greying and silver manly locks

Specifically formulated for grey and silver hair for both men and women, White Hot was founded by Jayne Mayled after she allowed her hair to go grey, after many years of using hair dye. Like many women who take the step, she saw it as a positive move and was pleasantly surprised by the positive reaction from friends and family. I thought I'd give their products a try.

Grey Fox, grey locks - and White Hot hair care

I was one of those men for whom products like this mean little, believing that shampoo is shampoo and the cheapest is best. So it was with a little scepticism that I tried Jayne's products. I was sent a box with a variety of tubes and tubs; shampoos, conditioners and a 'shooshing creme' (like a hair gel). The experiment coincided with a decision to allow my hair to grow a little thicker.

Jayne Mayled, founder of White Hot

I have to say that I was converted. The shampoos and conditioners leave my hair feeling very soft and not at all dry, as some products do. The shooshing creme is ideal for my slightly longer and thicker hair, allowing it to be combed into position with the fingers so that it stays there without looking like a greasy hair gel.

The products contain a variety of ingredients, one of which is designed to enhance greys and silvers, which can go a little yellow. Whether it's the products or not, I like the streaky silver, grey, darker effects which my longer locks now display.

For men and women

I'm really pleased with these products, which impress by their simplicity and effectiveness. They are ideal for greying and silver-haired men and I recommend them unreservedly.

White Hot is available to buy at www.whitehothair.co.uk and www.boots.com. Prices start from £12. Join the White Hot community on Facebook (www.facebook.com/WhiteHotHair ) and Twitter @whitehothair.

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Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth said...

I'm slightly silvering at the temples now - but not quite enough yet. I actually regret it.

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