Thursday, 19 December 2013

Scott Fraser: a designer to watch - knitted ties and duffel bags

I'm lucky enough to hear on an almost daily basis from designers and entrepreneurs who are excitedly bringing new products into the world and want to share their creativity. Sometimes the products aren't to my taste - often, however, I see the exciting and novel. 

One example of the latter is Scott Fraser, whose duffel bags and, more recently, beautiful knitted ties and scarves, hit the spot for me. Subtle colours and superb quality combine to make products worth taking notice of - and they're made in Britain. 

I haven't yet seen the ties in the flesh, but the bags are beautifully made. The clever use of colour and texture makes Scott Simpson's (who's behind Scott Fraser) creations so different and yet classic at the same time. See Scott Fraser.


Anonymous said...

Hi GF,
Does Scott Simpson have a website ?

Grey Fox said...

I've added the link above, sorry - the confusion is the result of the business being called Scott Fraser and the founder being Scott F Simpson.

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