Saturday, 6 July 2013

Mature male style - Peter Mullan in Esquire this month

It's good to see the normally youth-oriented Esquire publishing an excellent article featuring Scottish actor and grey fox icon, Peter Mullan.

We need more of this sort of fashion journalism - firstly to persuade older men that they can dress in contemporary style without feeling out of place, and, secondly, to knock it home to the fashion industry that they are missing out by ignoring this vast and affluent demographic.

I'm not surprised to see Oliver Spencer among the clothes Mullan wears - in fact I'm sure that the jacket on the right in the final shot is the one featured in my post on Oliver Spencer here (and is, at the time of writing, in the OS sale).

See more in this edition of Esquire, in the shops now. All images from Esquire magazine.

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