Saturday, 6 July 2013

Desirable Objects 4 - Campbell-Cole key wrap, British designed and made.

This is the smallest of my Desirable Objects series so far, but it hits far above its weight. Some may feel that the humble key-ring doesn't deserve such quality or such sensual impact - after all, all it does is hold keys.

Leather British-made key ring

But we shouldn't underestimate this important task and neither did Ian Campbell-Cole, founder (along with his partner, Felicity Baggett) of Campbell-Cole. He has designed an object that is high quality, British-made through and through and ideal for purpose. He tells me that it is one of the things he is most proud of so far.

This is how he describes it -
"The wire rope unscrews for easy loading of keys (no more battling with a ring snap), whilst a Sam Brown stud keeps the Key Wrap securely closed.
The leather originates from Northern Irish cattle and is veg tanned in the Midlands in one of the last remaining UK based tanneries. The soft, waxy nature of the leather will ensure that the Key Wrap will quickly develop a unique patina through use.
The hand applied edge coating and embossed Campbell Cole logo are the finishing touches to a quality essential that no one should be without."
Leather key ring, open with keys.

I agree - but would add that the wrap also smells lovely - luxury leather! The keys are held snugly and neatly within the leather wrap and it's clearly a well-thought out object - as is anything of good design.

Loving young and exciting British businesses as I do, I will be writing more about Campbell-Cole soon. Meanwhile see their website for more information.

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