Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A look that inspires 3 - the well-dressed older man

This elegant gentleman is dressed in a way I like very much.

A plain, well-cut and fitting linen jacket with brass buttons, striped shirt, jeans that fit perfectly and look as though they have worn naturally (I dislike artificially-distressed jeans) and good quality loafers and socks. Above all, he looks relaxed and comfortable in his clothes.

Simple, stylish and effective.

Image from The Styleograph


Grey Fox said...

Sorry, I've in error deleted a couple of comments from this post.

One reader quite rightly pointing out that all my images of stylish men wear jackets.

I'm aware of this weakness - I like jackets, but wouldn't claim that one is needed to look stylish.

I need to branch out a bit.


TheSeventhSphinx said...

At the same time, a jacket really does polish things up (even very dubious and questionable things, sometimes, can be entirely bypassed with the aid of a good jacket), and that is not a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

The jeans, and the open-necked shirt worn with a jacket, both separately and together, are the opposite of stylish as far as I am concerned.

Grey Fox said...

Yes, I take your point TheSeventhSphinx - I suspect that's why I like jackets.

I'm not sure what point is being made in Anon's comment. Are you saying that open neck shirts shouldn't be worn with a jacket?


Anonymous said...

GF - I really like the look! I have worn jackets and blazers all my adult life (am 52) and can say it does make one look more stylish with less effort. As to jacket with jeans - of course! Try double breasted linen (eg Drakes Navy Caruso blazer) with denim OR a grey flannel blazer, navy sleeveless cardigan in winter months for example. The only thing I would add to outfit above is a linen or cotton pocket square. Trust me - try this and your wife or partner will "look" at you differently and in a positive way. Dimitrious

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