Sunday, 24 March 2013

The tweed tea party: Wool House, The Campaign for Wool

The Campaign for Wool's very successful Wool House ended with a tweed tea at which very tasty sandwiches, cakes, tea, wine and whisky were served.

Here are a few very tweedy photos.
Guy from Dashing Tweeds gave a dashing speech

Earl of Bedlam tweeds - I'll be saying more about this exciting newish company soon.

Tweeds and colour masterfully combined by Momtaz Begum-Hossain. The bag is Harris tweed.

More Earl of Bedlam

Tweedy guests - Nadia Head and her tweed animals and Momtaz Begum-Hossain

Nadia Head

Earl of Bedlam, detail

Earl of Bedlam and signature lining

A Harris tweed coat - maker unknown - if it's yours please let me know!


Karen said...

Those Earl of Bedlam tweeds are very smart. I've looked at the website and I WANT the ladies' shooting jacket, although I wouldn't have much occasion to wear it in NY. Anyway, I'm in London for a couple of days week after next, and am relieved to see that their shop is by appointment only, as well as a bit off the beaten path. My checkbook and credit cards are safe (at least for this trip....)

Anonymous said...

The photographs from "Wool House" look remarkably like the ground-floor rooms recently restored on the west side of Somerset House's courtyard. There had been a pop-up holiday market in those rooms last November & December.

Charlotte Issyvoo said...

Lovely. I'm a tweedy gal myself.

Grey Fox said...

Thanks for all the comments.

Karen, the Earl of Bedlam shop is opposite the Imperial War Museum and not too far off the track. Have a lovely time on London (is a couple of days really enough? ;))

Anon - Wool House was in the west wing of Somerset House - well spotted.

Hello again, Charlotte - there's nothing like tweed!


Samantha said...

You really can't go wrong with Tweed. I actually wrote a post about it too. I hate that the high street has done a cheap take on it. Tweed is meant to be thick and heavy not thin and flimsy! Great post

Grey Fox said...

Thanks, Sam. Yes, I agree and wonder if some of the flimsy stuff is made far from these shores - shudder!


Anonymous said...

I found a three-button "Glen Loch 'All Wool' English Tweed" sport coat. Distributor was "Prince Clothes". Has a union label, looking to be from the USA. Anyone heard of Glen Lock All Wool English Tweeds? My sense by the lining is it must be from the early 70s, but the lapels are not very wide. Perhaps mid-60s?

Thrift store price. Great quality and look. Amazing what you can find at the second-hand shops!


Grey Fox said...

Hi James, it sounds like a good buy. There may be some information on Google about Glen Loch - good luck.


Well Dressed Dad Blog said...

Can't wait to see more from Earl of Bedlam! They look to be right up my alley.

SmokinTweed said...

Ah, there is nothing like tweed! The world is a better place because of it. This post had my heart beating fast.

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