Saturday, 30 March 2013

Prince Charles and that country jacket (by John Partridge & Co Ltd)

In a recent edition of Countryfile, (for non-UK readers, a programme about the countryside), Prince Charles appeared wearing this jacket in a piece about hedgelaying. How to mix style with sustainability - we should all hesitate before throwing away those old clothes.

[January 2015: I'm grateful to an anonymous comment that corrected my original claim that the jacket is a Barbour. It seems that it was made by Staffordshire-based John Partridge, who make here in the UK - hooray!]


Anonymous said...

You really do come out with some nonsense.Charles no doubt can afford to have his old clothing repaired by first class tailors, a thing which is beyond many of us. We who cannot afford this indulgence would just appear most unkempt.

Might I also say at this juncture that you seem to appreciate older male models yet I have never seen you refer to Man 1924.

Also once again if you want someone with style (almost enough for the rest of us and still ssome left over what are your thoughts re Doug BihlMaier ? --- you chose not to respond the last time I mentioned this perhaps you will this time.

Grey Fox said...

Thank you anonymous - I have to confess that I'm not clear what you're trying to say here.

I haven't seen any comments by you before, perhaps if yo used your name, rather than commenting anonymously, that would help me recall.

Yes, I think Doug BihlMaier has a very strong sense of style - at first glance a he could be mistaken for a homeless person, closer inspection reveals otherwise. However, I don't see how his approach to tatty style is any different to Prince Charles's.

Thank you for introducing me to Man 1924, not a brand I've come across as I don't think they are yet distributed in the UK. Looking at their website, they have wonderful clothes, just to my taste - thanks for that.

I look forward to future comments (maybe a little more polite please; these things shouldn't be taken so seriously).


30 March 2013 15:15

Anonymous said...

The point I am making about Charles is that it is not just a question about wearing clothes until they are threadbare. One has to maintain them and that costs money. It probably costs less to buy a new item than keep them in the state shown in the picture of Charles.

As for Doug Bihlmaier- yes it costs a fortune to dress in the way that he does so in that respect no different from Charles --- but I really do doubt that there thoughts about dress are on the same track.
If you go back through your archives you will see earlier post from "mamersian"

I am sorry that you were offended and I have noticed before that you seem to have a "thin" skin in this respect. However if you put your thoughts in the public domain you should not expect that everyone will agree with you nor even couch their thoughts in the manner which you adopt. As an 80+ retired academic I think that I am more than qualified in this respect.


Grey Fox said...

Thank you mamersian. Excellent points.


Anonymous said...

Sorry All,

The coat is by John Partridge- not Barbour.

Grey Fox said...

Well Anon - thanks - can I ask how you know that? I see they make in England.


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