Monday, 30 July 2012

Grey Fox in The Times Style magazine

Quite out of the blue, Grey Fox Blog had the honour of featuring in The Times Magazine on Saturday 28 July. In five pages of outstanding writing, Polly Vernon, Ben Machell and Prue White explore and interpret the Grey Fox style with humour (see below) and great insight. Their writing is illustrated partly by the superb photographs of Niall McDiarmid, whose outstanding work I covered on this blog here.

For this to come less than seven months after I first put pen to paper is flattering and very gratifying. I would like to think that more grey foxes will join in the fun. The article is available online (with subscription) here.

P.S. On Tuesday 31 July The Mail Online has taken up the story! See Fifty shades of silver fox: Blog celebrating stylish middle-aged men takes internet by storm here. The word 'storm' may be overcooking it, but very generous.

Some of the writing had me in stitches. Polly Vernon suggested that I may have "unwittingly created online erotica for legions of Grey (or Silver) Fox aficianados. Women who fancy Grey Foxes are everywhere, a quiet army of lechers who are allowed to indulge their proclivities in relative peace because prevailing fascination with taking the heat off them". Well, I'm going to have to think about that one and will return to the topic when I've chewed it over a bit! Meanwhile, please comment if you'd like to!

In his Are you a Grey Fox or just grey? Ben Machell helps you establish whether you are a grey fox or not. I keep returning to this for a hearty chuckle.

Finally, Prue White interprets the Grey Fox style with a brilliant selection of clothes and accessories which I, as a Grey Fox representative, heartily approved of.

Thank you The Times.


cheshire wife said...

What a weekend you have had. Tickets for the Olympic games opening ceremony and an article in The Times magazine.

Grey Fox said...

Thanks very much - a great weekend! GF

Baslowfisher said...

I have just found your blog thanks to the Times and I can honestly "at long last". Why do magazines all feature men under 40 and there is never or very very rarley anthing regarding fahion for men over 40 or 50 unless they are dressed as 18 yearolds. I think some people think that once a fashion conscious man reaches 40 or 50 then style etc. goes out of the window and they have to wear shapeless trousers and jackets with velcro shoes!
Long may you blog.

Grey Fox said...

Many thanks Colin - such support is very welcome. If you ever have any ideas or issues to discuss please let me know. GF.

Natasha Newton said...

I'd just like to say that I think your blog is a fantastic idea! I'm in my 30s but my boyfriend is in his mid-50s, and ever since I've been with him (a few years now :) I've really begun to see the allure of the well-kept older man. I often call him my silver (or grey) fox, so your blog made me smile!

I think that older men can look incredibly stylish and sexy, so good luck with your venture and congratulations on the magazine feature!


Mathew said...

Wow, well done ! That's quite an accomplishment, and just goes to show that you never know who's reading and appreciating your blog. More successes to you.
I was also interested to read the brief bio provided in the article - and as a another professional recently turned teacher (I was an Investment Banker before but spent so much time dealing with lawyers as part of my work that I almost felt I was one), we have something in common, lol ! I don't know what you teach now, but the subject of my new profession couldn't be further away from Banking, though I loved what I did before and love this just as much. Perhaps our paths will cross someday over a pint or a Pimms, and we will discuss fashion-over-fifty and interesting professions.

All the best,


Grey Fox said...

This is my favourite comment ever! Thank you very much. GF xx

Grey Fox said...

Many thanks Mathew for your kind comments. Teaching is a very rewarding profession, it can be easier to see progress than in the law. A pint sometime would be good. GF

Mathew said...

I live in Toronto, Canada and have been a frequent poster on your blog since discovering it a few months ago. I'll let you know when I'm next in London, or you on this side of the pond.

Grey Fox said...

Yes, I knew you were a regular, Mathew. Please get in touch if you come to London and we'll have that beer. GF

Anonymous said...

Congratulations David,

I any saw this by accident as my newsagent had not had a delivery of Telegraphs so I grabbed the Times instead. I was driving to Torquay for a holiday when my wife pointed out the article. She had seen me browsing your blog and recognised the name!
Nice photo of you (very nice tweed jacket) but I'm still not sure about those blue trousers. Are they the Loakes Chesters you are wearing in the picture?


Grey Fox said...

Many thanks. Yes, they are Loake Chesters. I know what you mean about the blue trousers, but I decided to go for it. Have a good holiday. GF.

Grey Fox said...

Actually, they're not Loakes, although I do have a pair. They're some brogues I picked up on eBay for £25 (see a more recent post).

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