Saturday, 11 February 2012

Articles discussing older and middle aged man's style and fashions

Here are a few of the better (and not too serious) newspaper and other articles on style and fashion for middle aged and older men. They are in no particular order; just as I find them. If you know of others please let me know. 

The important thing about fashion in middle age is that we are getting too old to take fashion seriously. Dress for yourself, feel comfortable, and don't listen to the fashion police.

What do I do? I keep an eye on the better blogs for ideas, but try to use them to dress to suit my own personality rather than slavishly following transient fashions. Whatever you do, be careful about trying to relive lost youth by dressing like a teenager. It may work, if you have an extremely sophisticated sense of style, but you run the risk of looking a little sad. It's also unnecessary; we should be proud of our maturity - there are many classic styles ideal for the older man.

Photo The Sartorialist

Can you wear Topman at 67?
An interview in the Guardian with Nicky Haslam and his sense of fashion and style.

Old men dress cool
From one of my favourite bloggers, Style Salvage.

Take That:Style Icons for Older Men
An article in the Guardian. Take That!! Must be some mistake, surely?

Groovy Old Men: The Rise of the Silver Swingers
From the Independent, 'nuff said.

Can Middle-Aged Men Have Long Hair? 
From that excellent blogger, That's Not My Age.

Styles Middle-Aged Men Should Avoid If They Don't Want to Look Old: These Fashions Don't Make Anyone Look Young
Yahoo Voices.

Middle Aged-Men Who Dress Like Teenagers
Style Goes Strong

Newbie Fashion Tips for Grown-up Men
Stepcase Lifehack. This may seem a bit proscriptive, but is worth a read - most of the rules are sensible.

The Almost Shocking World of Older Men's Fashion
In a Grand Fashion reviews advice for older men. The article mentions Grey Fox as follows, "While there are many blogs for young, definitely under forty, I could find only one aimed at older, middle age men.  Grey Fox stresses dressing for one’s self instead of  for the latest fashion trend".

Why do men over 50 dress like tramps?
Mail Online. For personal reasons I avoid the Daily Mail. The standard of journalism is appallingly, with damaging and hurtful articles published with no proper research or regard for the truth. However, this is an unusually (for the Mail) sensible analysis and it is recommended reading.

Men stop caring about clothes at 37
Apparently the conclusion of a survey, apparently based on a survey, but I'm a bit suspicious about this one - it may be a dubious publicity stunt. Reported in the Daily Mail here and the Guardian here. Despite my doubts,  there is probably a degree of accuracy in these reports.

Fashion Tips for the Older Man
From the Belfast Telegraph - some interesting and useful comments about older men dressing well and not so well.

How to be a Middle-aged Man
The Financial Times looks at middle age. Only partly about style, but nicely written (in 2007, so a bit dated - talks about Facebook, but not Twitter).

Medallion Man is Back - The Rise and Rise of Middle-Aged Vanity
From the Independent - not too bad, in parts. I agree with the warning that '...dignity is in danger of being jettisoned in the rush to drink at the fountains of eternal youth, or at least the rush to the hair dye kit, which is the next best thing'.

The humble Mamil: why we need 'middle-aged men in Lycra'
The Guardian. A nice defence of the MAMIL (middle-aged men in Lycra) by one of my favourite cycling writers, Matt Seaton.

Why do fathers insist on dressing like their teenage sons?
Do they? In my experience it's often the other way round (crisp shirts, chinos and brogues) - and that's confirmed by the picture illustrating the article which shows Tom Cruise and his son. Sydney Morning Herald.

The Sartorial Geniuses aged 60 plus
From The Telegraph - with wise words from blogger Tony Ton of

At the age of 37, you needn't start dressing like J*r*my Cl*rks*n
From The Guardian, a newspaper that I doubt Clarkson has ever read.

Skateboarding Past a Midlife Crisis
From the New York Times. Be careful, though; your bones have become more brittle as you get older.

Has your man just bought a new bike? Looks like he's having a mid-life crisis
From The Mail Online. The content doesn't really reflect the headline - but then the Mail is looking for sensational headlines, not interesting content.

Jeremy Paxman in tweeds is typical of the affliction that grips men in middle age
Hadley Freeman in the Guardian discusses older men's style. All about men reaching an age where they want to try something new. Some vestiges of truth here; maybe.

Why men over 40 are fashion disasters
From the Mail Online. The writer is mocked by his family for his dress sense. He suggests a few ideas, but this article is rather inconclusive, as I feel he doesn't really find a solution. He should find inspiration for his own style, grasp the nettle and confidently forge his own path. Not a happy outcome to this one.

How to dress well after 50
British GQ. Sensible with some interesting discussion; but nothing new.

Guys don't be a fashion disaster
Chicago Tribune.

Men should ditch low-slung jeans and embrace middle-age
Well, I agree. The Telegraph.

Middle-aged men and their sad self-regard
The Independent. Sadly close to the bone; but then all ages are guilty of self-indulgence, not just older men.

Baseball caps, backpacks and an unlimited supply of flannel shirts: How middle-aged Silicon Valley CEOs compete with their twenty-something rivals
From the Mail Online - given that it's the Mail, it's a surprisingly good read (assuming it's not all made up). It reports, for example, how, 'One tech CEO admitted that he probably wouldn't be in his job if he had not shaved his grey hair and swopped brogues for sneakers to blend in.'

Fifty shades of silver fox: Blog celebrating stylish middle-aged men takes internet by storm
From the Mail Online again. About a blog called Grey Fox started by a middle-aged man looking for style. Seems unlikely to me!

Funny and unfortunately probably true. The Telegraph.

What's a man to wear when his pecs turn to 'soft peaks'?
Speak for yourself! From The Guardian.

Dressing your age - 40s
Dressing your age - 50s
Posts on Fashionbeans - I don't agree with everything here, but basically sensible advice.

Marc Jacobs at 50
Showing that there's hope for us all in changing our lifestyles and getting fit. From Mail Online.

Male celebrities with grey hair
In case you find comfort in the thought that even they are getting older. From

I want to feel like a new man
Guardian columnist has a makeover (apparently paid for by Hennessy - some makeover!)

The obsessive jean
A middle-aged man gets used to the idea of still wearing jeans. From the FT's How to Spend It.

The Vintage Years: is the fashion world starting to respect the middle-aged market?
More about the women's fashion market, but much is applicable to us chaps. From the Guardian.

Are You Too Old For Your Outfit? From Details magazine, by Katherine Wheelock. How to avoid age-inappropriate looks.

How I Became a Fashion Don't A lovely response to the above Details magazine article. Simon Doonan describes Katherine Wheelock as 'some kind of conservative anti-flamboyance watchdog for the colostomy-bag brigade'. Brilliant.

Dressing Up is a Sign of Vitality New York Times. Ari Seth Cohen, of the Advanced Style Blog, comments on the Wheelock and Doonan articles above.

Fashion Tips for the Older Man Belfast Telegraph. Hmm.

Why older men are more stylish than young men A nice piece in The Telegraph, October 2014.

Men's style dilemma: Am I too old to wear this? This Telegraph piece makes some good points and concludes, correctly in my view, that the question is, 'Does this suit me?', not, 'Am I too old for this?'

Men become invisible at 39: Now they know how women feel. Again, from The Telegraph. Reports the conclusions of a survey, but then, as the man said, there's lies, damn lies and surveys.

Is it OK for men not to care about fashion?  The Telegraph (I'm impressed how this newspaper writes about age and style so much). Confuses fashion and style, doesn't add much to the discussion.

What makes certain men more stylish? The Telegraph. A thoughtful piece by David Gandy which comes to the same conclusion as I have in my writing. As I say in my comments at the top of this post, style is about dressing to suit your personality, not following trends. Recommended reading.

Stylish older men prove age is no barrier for fashion Executive Style. This is what we need more of: a round-up of older men interested in style.

How to Dress you Age - Forties British GQ. Good, emphasises style rather than fashion and highlights fit.

How to Dress your Age - Fifties British GQ. Good stuff, based on advice not to give up and again emphasising the importance of fit.

How to Dress your Age - Sixties and Beyond British GQ. Based on the inaccurate (I think, anyway) assumption that most men over 60 want to look younger, but this doesn't affect what is essentially good advice.

20 Things No Man over 40 Should Wear Daily Telegraph. I don't like writing that tells a man what he should and shouldn't wear. We may make suggestions and give our opinion, but not presume to tell others what to do. This verges on that approach. However, I agree with much of it!

Is it time Johnny Depp ditched the leather? The items of clothing men over 40 should NEVER wear - including hoodies, baseball caps and skinny jeans Mail Online. Much of the same really, but purporting to be the results of a survey. Most telling is the finding that 40% of men laugh off adverse comments about their style.

Never Too Old - A New Attitude to Men's Fashion - Fashion Capital. A PhD researcher sees older men as fashion pioneers. Seems right to me.

Tom Hanks is redefining dad style - Not a bad article at all. Some sound advice from US GQ.

And see my own scribblings on this blog, for example on middle aged men and jeans.

Photo Tommy Ton - GQ


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

an interesting read as always. Has anyone identified the jacket that the bearded chap with the bike in the Sartorialist photo is wearing? Although the photo has spread to several other sites, there is no mention of what it is. It is similar to some Hunting/Shooting type jackets which are usually tweed or wool.


Grey Fox said...

Hi Gruntfuttock, good to see you again. The original pic is from The Sartorialist and I don't know the jacket type. There are a lot of makes which do this type of tweed shooting jacket, including Barbour. This one looks similar - GF

Andy H said...

Hi Dave

I've had a good look around your blog now, and you seem to have a good grasp on styling middle-aged man ;-) I've given you mention on the 50ish forum (link in the name). It's a bit quite in there at the moment, but things will pick up as the project develops. Hope to see you around :)

Andy H

Dave McGoldrick said...

Hi Dave

Awesome blog. I often struggle to find clothes online which I like. I'm 50ish and only really shop at Any ideas or tips for other places online to shop? Need some advice.

Dave McGoldrick

Grey Fox said...

Hi Dave - Mr Porter is worth a try - a good selection but on the pricey side. GF

sanam arzoo said...

I like skinny jeans and for that is my first choice. he brand has its own unique selvage Denims For Men Jeans is most Use fabric on the globe. every men like to put on informal jean in frequent times.I really like your look - it's informal but still fashionable enough.But I'm sure there will be a lot of activities this season.

Anonymous said...

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Jody H said...

I think old people can still have style. Hell, we are some of the classiest people out there.

luke perry said...

In Paris, a house has been ripped apart, quietly gutted, over the past three years. It's the house of Yves Saint Laurent. Street style

Anonymous said...

I like to use a combination of vintage shops, High St. shops (like H&M) and high-end labels like Paul Smith or Reiss who concentrate on classic cuts. The vintage clothing is always great quality and well made, the high-end is obviously classy and makes it easy to camouflage the lower-end into looking as expensive. As for the shoes? I always spend as much as I can afford! (a cheap shoe looks like a cheap shoe)...

Ab De Billiars said...

this blog very use full link & keep an eye on the better blogs for ideas...
But i like motor bike jacket.

Dennis Schoeller said...


Although more than six years old your blog post quite poignantly answered a question I recently emailed you about. I'm quickly learning that Grey Fox is a virtual (no pun intended) treasure trove of information and I'm completely hooked!

The point you make about middle age applies equally to life and--as I am learning from your sartorial wisdom-fashion! It has been my experience entering into my fifties that a light heart, a gentle smile and a little whiskey (I'm an American, after all) go a long way towards putting life in perspective. These are the years meant to be enjoyed and savored (like that whiskey).

So, thanks to you, Sir, my apprehensions about style will now take a turn to the lighter side as my life did as a quinquagenarian; a light heart, a gentle smile and far less concern about the advertisements and sales clerks recommendations. Stick to the classics and have a little fun. I agree wholeheartedly that if one doesn't feel right in their clothing, one will not wear the clothing right.

You have yet another dedicated follower on this side of the pond. Bravo to you and your blog!


Sarasota, FLA USA

grey fox said...

Dennis, how kind, many thanks - I can always be contacted on email as well.


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