Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Globe-Trotter RAF100 Luggage Collection

To mark today's centenary of the Royal Air Force luggage company Globe-Trotter have launched a range of commemorative cases redolent of the riveted aluminium bodies of bye-gone aircraft such as the famous Spitfire and Hurricane. 

Globe-Trotter have manufactured their luggage in the UK for over 85 years and have become synonymous with adventure and travel. Think of a robust but battered suitcase, with reinforced leather corners and straps, plastered with colourful labels from exotic destinations and airlines and what you have in mind is a Globe-Trotter. 

With the riveted aluminium cases taking obvious inspiration from aircraft construction, they've come up with extremely stylish objects of desire which are at the top of my list for the Grey Fox travels.

I will be visiting the Globe-Trotter factory later this month and will be reporting in full later in the summer.

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