Sunday, 19 November 2017

Edward Green Shoes: Made in England

Among my most comfortable shoes are these from Edward Green who've been making shoes in Northampton since 1890. Through careful attention to detail they've built an unrivalled reputation among shoe lovers. Having tried a couple of pairs I can now see why. The leather-soled suede derbies, although worn regularly for over a year now, have the unusual property of hardly wearing down at the heel, despite much London pavement bashing. They are a beautifully made pair of Cardiff derby brogues in olive suede. I'm lucky enough to have the same shoe in Delapré calf which is supple and soft to touch as it's been treated with nine different leather fats - this pair has a rubber Dainite sole.

My Delapré calf (left) and olive green suede Cardiff derbies from Edward Green

But how is it that such a stylish-looking shoe can be so comfortable? I asked Euan Denholm of Edward Green to explain these properties to me, surely a shoe is a shoe is a shoe? He told me, "Those soles and heels [on the suede derbies] are oak-bark tanned for nine months - it creates a sole which is highly durable yet light, comfortable and flexible (although one pays far more for the raw material!)". This underlines the importance not only of the quality of construction, but also of the materials used. There are no short cuts to true quality. See Edward Green.

The shoes were sent for review. This feature is unsponsored and all views expressed are mine alone.


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

A beautiful, well-made pair of shoes is similar to a classic sports car (think MG, Jaguar, Morgan, Bugatti (sp?), and Ferrari), or various other pieces of artistic or engineering achievement. I could gaze longingly and with admiration at it for hours.

Best Regards,

Heinz-Ulrch von B.

grey fox said...

I agree totally H-U!


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