Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Pocket Rocket: Pocket Squares Can Be Fun

Pocket squares should be fun and Pocket Rocket, who make and design their squares in the UK, have gone out of their way to make them so. My first thought was that the printed silk squares were a bit loud, but of course once they are folded and placed in a pocket their multiple colours makes them extremely adaptable. They then take on a completely different personality, limited only by your imagination and pocket square folding ability.

And what do they look like in the pocket? They are generously sized at 42cm square and are made of opulent silk with hand-rolled edges. Here I've stuffed them in my blazer with my usual lack of flair and you'll see how they take on a different look depending in how you fold them:

Highly recommended and fun both in and out of the breast pocket. See Pocket Rocket.

This feature was kindly sponsored by Pocket Rocket, but the views in it are entirely mine.

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Snapper said...

Grey Fox,

Congratulations, you've done it again - another informative and interesting piece.

Throughout my adult life I have always worn a pocket square and now have well over forty of them. The first was given to me as a teenager by my father. Assuming he too had worn in from his teenage years it is now about 100 years old.

The ones produced by Pocket Rocket are very amusing and show a great sense of fun. I would favour the one depicting the man lifting his lady by the waist. Do you have a favourite?

Thanks again and regards,

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