Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Grey Fox Wears: Dogwalker Casual, Lavenham, Grenfell

If you follow me on Instagram you'll find photos of me wearing this and that, formal and casual, interspersed with landscapes and pictures of Harry the #blogdog. It occurs to me that I should show some of these images here on the blog for those of you who don't use Instagram (if you don't, I highly recommend it as an often rich visual feast and an excellent source of sartorial inspiration).

This is part of my drive to illustrate my search for style. Products credits are below the image, but this post is unsponsored. Image by Rhi Lee.

Coat: vintage Grenfell* Shooter from Retrovintagelove, gilet: Lavenham, Scarf Johnstons of Elgin AW17,
Shoes: Toms, Jeans: Quantock Clothing. All made in the UK except the shoes.

*Note: you can buy a modern version of the original Grenfell Shooter from Cordings here. I also have a modern version (not the Cordings one), which is virtually identical to the original. It makes an excellent country or town water and windproof coat.

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