Monday, 24 February 2014

Alan Paine - 'English Explorer' Collection

Alan Paine's 'English Explorer' Collection was inspired by a connection with the eminent British mountaineer, George Mallory who famously died on Mount Everest in 1924 when he and his partner, Sandy Irvine, were last seen climbing towards the summit. Mallory's frozen body was discovered years after his disappearance with knitwear that bore the label WF Paine, High Street Godalming; the shop owned by Alan Paine’s father, William Paine, and the place where William founded his knitwear business in 1907. 

The 'English Explorer' Collection features updated classic garments reminiscent of those worn by Mallory on his ill-fated final expedition. Apart from this collection, Alan Paine specialise in a wide range of colourful knits of all shades and hues - for more information see the Alan Paine website.


Creigiau Cardiff said...

Are you aware that "Alan Paine have now closed the last of their UK factories. On their website they talk about their proud heritage supplying knitwear to Edward VIII, making sweaters during the war for the navy and being worn by George Mallory. No-where do they mention the factory closures and subsequent impact on people’s lives or the fact that all their clothing is now made abroad. Although some Alan Paine knit fabrics come from Z Hinchcliffe and Sons in Yorkshire, Alan Paine knitwear is made abroad, in places such as Madagascar."
The emphasis on things " British" seems so much of a con.

Grey Fox said...

They're been very open with me about the origin of their clothes, so I don't see any intention to mislead, but let's hope they will follow other companies and come back to production in the UK when things are right for them.


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